Reflections Of Fidel Castro

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Granma): The 85-year old Fidel Castro published a series of materials, “World Peace Hanging by a Thread,” in the leading Cuban newspaper Granma.

“…conflicting interests and the enormous profits gained by arms merchants led to the fabrication of even more cruel and destructive weapons, until modern technology provided the means and materials which, if employed, could lead to extinction.

“I hold the opinion, undoubtedly shared by all people with an elementary sense of responsibility, that no country, large or small, has the right to possess nuclear weapons….

“But the United States, the strongest and richest power, imposed the line to be followed on the rest of the world. Today it possesses hundreds of spy satellites and polices all inhabitants of the planet from space. Its naval, air and land forces are equipped with thousands of nuclear weapons and it governs, as it pleases, the world’s finances and investments through the International Monetary Fund….

“One even feels pity for those soldiers, separated from their families and friends, thousands of kilometers from their own homeland, sent to fight in countries which they maybe never even heard mentioned as students, where they are assigned the task of killing or dying in order to enrich transnational enterprises, weapons manufacturers and unscrupulous politicians who, every year, are squandering funds needed for the elimination and education of the countless millions of hungry and illiterate people in the world.”

Comment: How touching and true! But what did Fidel Castro do in his country during his many years of rule?

The correction of the world is not to change from one egoistic policy to another, but to eliminate the root of evil—human egoism—under the influence of an appropriate environment.

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