The Fading Shadow Of The World Of Egoistic Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe most important thing is to start feeling that there is no world separate from us, and that the entire world is one group. The group consists of many parts: desires and thoughts, which we need to bring closer and work with each one of them.

All of nature, other than people, depends on our state, on the degree of shattering and confusion in our human thoughts and desires, on how far we are from participating in the work of the common system as its partners. The entire world, except for man, is its imprint, its consequence. The parts that exist around the inner desire called “man ” or Adam, are merely its copy, an addition that ascends and descends together with the movements of a person who works on connecting himself into a single system.

We are already able to see that the development of humanity, together with everything that happens to it, is headed in this direction. The world is advancing toward this goal, subconsciously carrying out the program of creation. Right now, we are in its very advanced stage, at a special transition between subconscious and conscious realization.

This is why we are experiencing a crisis in the world on every level. In our state, we also feel it on the human level. The rest of the world is experiencing the crisis on the animate, vegetative, and still levels. The purpose of this crisis is to bring us toward the realization of the entire process that is happening to us.

By the same token, the world we perceive is the projection of our consciousness. It does not exist on its own; it is imaginary, illusionary. Our consciousness will continue to rise, and we will begin to feel how parts of a divided, broken desire connect together—that’s the extent to which we will perceive the world through this desire in particular. We will sense all the other parts that surround its matter only as the shadow of this desire that temporarily exists in our perception and gradually keeps disappearing.

This process that we experience is unique and incredibly important. Most significantly, it drives us to discover the engine that moves the entire process of development, its program. After this, we will discover the upper force, the Creator, who arranges all this so that we will begin to know Him at the end of this process, as if He were coming through a fog, a cloud.

It is as if we are regaining consciousness, taking certain actions after being unconscious. It is as if we are coming out of the fog and now are able to connect separated and broken pieces of perception between us, turning them into a single image and thus forming our understanding and perception of the Creator. The image of the Creator manifests within us, as it is said: “Call yourself by His name.”

In this way, we acquire a quality of connection, mutual bestowal, a very strong connection and understanding, like being one person. This is called love. The separate parts that we are, where every part has its own function in the common system, merge into one whole that exists for a single goal: to reveal the upper force and let it manifest within us.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/26/2012, Writings of Rabash

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