Questions About Connection With Society And Visiting South Africa

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I feel that all the systems of society and the world are corrupted, and by participating in them, we become its partners. Would not our connection with society, involuntarily involve us in these systems and interfere with our correction, which we must realize? Were the Kabbalistic groups that lived earlier separated from the corrupt systems of society? Shouldn’t we live separately as a society of correction? Or will it be a regression and sever connections?

Answer: We can correct ourselves only by helping others! The corruption of the world was set initially in order for us to feel it, become aware of it, and find the way to correct it. Correction means bringing everyone into a single integral system; read what Baal HaSulam writes about it.

Question: What is needed for you to visit South Africa in the near future?

Answer: This is what is needed: the group is waiting for me there, students, and many people who are ready to hear me. If you have this, I am ready!

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