Readiness To Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanCommandment” in the language of Kabbalah means correction of the desire created by the Creator. Desire develops with the help of the Light that influences it during the four phases of the expansion of the Light. At the end, the desire “inflates” into an enormous size and obtains everything that the Light is willing to give to it: love, fulfillment, and abundance.

In the beginning, the desire was as tiny as a drop of semen. Then, with the help of love it is “blown up” into a huge ball. So, at some point, when the desire senses love, it suddenly starts to realize that its own nature is opposite to it. It then immediately gets “deflated” and returns back to its starting point.

What happens to the love felt by the desire? It turns into trepidation and fear, that is, into its own limited world. The desire cannot cope with what it received from the root through the four phases of the expansion of the Light and thus restricts itself.

It makes an effort to handle the situation, obtain similarity, and merge with the previous sensation. After all, this sensation is in fact the attainment and revelation of the Creator and His Essence. So, the desire tries to “inflate” again and become similar to Him, more and more. At first, it performs correction in the five Partzufim of the world of Adam Kadmon (AK); later, it proceeds with NHY de AK in order to obtain the Light of Hassadim (Mercy) in the world of Nekudim, the place of the world of Atzilut.

It then becomes unable to continue this process, and the shattering occurs: The desire begins to realize that its properties won’t allow it to attain perfect love. However, on the other hand, the desire acquires a certain sensation and understanding, and it builds the worlds of Atzilut (A) and BYA.

Thereby we attain the relationship we used to have in the world of Infinity, in other words, we attain love. This is what we strive for, constantly checking and measuring the level of love we have managed to attain.

This is why the Creator made the group: I have friends; I have somebody to love. “Practice with your friends and check the results you received,” He says. “When you achieve correct interconnection between you, I will reveal Myself within you.”

The Creator broke the collective vessel, and today we are a broken group. By doing so, He gave us a chance to sense and to reveal Him through correction we perform between us. On our side, our readiness to love is called the “vessel,” and on His side, His readiness to love is called “the Light.” At the end, they meet: Our corrected vessel is the “divine Shechina,” the “assembly of Israel,” and the Creator settles in it.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/9/2012, “Introduction to TES

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Welcome To A Group For Beginners

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There are closed and open groups. A closed group is where new members are not allowed, and naturally the group is against people leaving it. And people are absolutely free to join and leave open groups. What are the elements of a program of integral learning: is it a closed, open, or a mixed program?

Answer: Our practice in regards to this is very interesting. Our groups are constant. But when they go hand-in-hand, they can mix and there is absolutely no difference felt between them. When we have common events, our group, connected together, speaks the same, thinks identically, and there is absolutely no difference between them, everyone understands each other.

Every group advances independently without mixing with other groups but unites with others from time to time during our conventions and our other large events. New people are basically not allowed in the group. This introduces a very strong imbalance. A group needs to advance on its own, everything needs to be in harmony in it, and when new people come, they need to be formed into a new group.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” #9, 12/15/11

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You and I Are Of The Same Blood

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We have discussed that when we form groups of integral learning, we need to pay attention to preliminary testing and conversations, to assign people with similar qualities (such as age and gender) to certain groups. What other qualities are we talking about?

Answer: I do not think that education, mentality, age, or literacy matter very much. The interesting thing is that everything becomes eliminated in groups of integral education. For this reason, when we speak about uniting all our qualities into one common quality of bestowal, love, mutual guarantee, and so forth, everyone feels antagonistic about it. So it does not matter if someone is more or less educated or has certain mentality. They are just external expressions that are not observed here.

I can only say one thing: When we study together with groups from around the world, connecting and exploring the common method for many years, we observe the kind of unity where there is no difference between people who physically are in the same classroom, in a group with me, or people whom I only see once a year.

By the way, every year I visit our main groups in Russia, North America, South America, and Europe. I do not see a difference between them because we study a single method, and all the groups develop parallel to one another. When we have conventions attended by our friends from all the continents, five to eight thousand people gather in one place, and we do not perceive any differences between us.

Of course, the language barrier still gets in the way since we are still in Babylon that is not yet corrected, but we’re almost there. Once it becomes corrected, a state of absolute and real homogeneity will appear.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” #9, 12/15/11

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What Determines The Group’s Charter?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Certain models of behavior need to be discussed in every organization, the things that are permitted and the things that are not allowed. Some organizations call it a charter. What should the charter in the groups of integral learning consist of? What should its essence be?

Answer: First of all, what binds us is the image of our future state; it is what we strive toward. This image needs to be well promoted to the entire group and each one of us on such a level and such strength that everyone would really develop the desire and strength to achieve it. We constantly must think about elevating this goal so that it would be many times more important than anything else that could appear in us, any other egoistic goals and directions.

A person must receive constant support from the group and his family. This is essential. When someone in a person’s family is against his studying, it causes enormous problems; we see that he often fails because the influence of the family is enormous.

In our times, we understand that a person is essentially lonely. Nature did this on purpose to make his journey toward integration easier. A person does not submit to some family, clan, or village regulations; we are all seemingly “suspended” and this makes it easier to realize all this.

So, we need to make sure the group accompanies the person every hour of his life, not only when he is physically present in it. Today, this is very easy to achieve through media and communication tools.

Moreover, every person has an MP3 player. He can record lessons, discussions, songs, and plays. When he comes home, his computer has the same and additional information from lessons and group meetings. He must work with it and be in constant contact with it. We need to make films, video clips, and so on.

All of this is an enormous amount of information that must go through him and gradually brainwash his so-called brain (you cannot call it anything else), and he willingly agrees with it. We do not hide what we are doing: We are reprogramming him.

Regarding a charter, the main things are those that benefit the society. However, those things that are necessary for the existence of every one of us come first. In other words, feed the “beast,” and then do whatever you want with yourself.

The basics that determine our life are food, shelter, family, and sex. These are followed by the social desires wealth, fame, power, and knowledge that are egoistic additions to life’s necessities.

We need to transfer them to a new dimension: Wealth is the fulfillment you will receive in the group. Fame and power are the universal approval you will receive from the group for being in it; you feel that you are a necessary element of the entire integral system they depend on. Knowledge is the natural knowledge of all of nature, the entire process we experience.

So, the charter needs to clearly contain the explanation of this layout of a person’s inner values that are necessary for his existence, both as an animal and a social element. First, we make sure a person does not worry about his corporeal existence. It must be guaranteed to him at a reasonable level.

Question: Does a person need to live according to the laws of the charter, starting with the very first days, or can this appear after several months, once he is ready?

Answer: This appears after some time, once people are ready and able to realize the need for this format of existence. Relationships in the group must always be friendly and cheerful. You must show the others that the goal is important to you.

We understand that every one of us happens to experience descents and ascents, different states. However, at the same time, we must introduce only positive influences within the group. The negative influence will disappear on its own under the influence of the positive potential that we accumulate in the group to the point of attaining the state of “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”
From a “Talk on Integral Education” #9, 12/15/11

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Rising Above Your “Animal”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What actions are not permitted in and will not be tolerated by an integral learning group? For example, in a psychotherapy group, physical violence is forbidden. Are there any such limitations in a group of integral upbringing?

Answer: I have not encountered any, so I do not think there are any. I assume that expressions of negative energy are possible, but possibly in a clouded form.

I think that everyone will forgive them, and even the victims will be forgiving if the given behavior leads to the realization of evil and further correction. This happens between people.

We begin with a very low level, the egoism, habits and philosophies acquired from our past society. Everything there is in it and is still subject to correction. There is nothing that can be done here.

That is not a reason to expel a person from a group. I think the group will understand if there is an objective reason. Sometimes, people fall back into drugs, alcoholism, and so forth.

The only thing we try to do is to make sure that there are equal relationships in the group. In other words, there needs to be the least possible “animal” relationships because we primarily want to elevate the group spiritually. There needs to be the least possibility of sexual relationships, especially accidental ones. It is, of course, all right when people find each other, like each other, and really intend to connect, but this also introduces a certain amount of dissonance.

At first, I would create groups for men and women together, and then I would separate them for some time because the method of unity is still different for men and women. Then, once they are able to rise above them, they no longer see the gender, but they see something common instead. This is not at all a simple level. Imagine: A person needs to rise above his nature, his natural instincts, his sexual drive, his very basic foundation.

However, once he rises, these boundaries literally can disappear. I say “can” because I have not yet observed it. I think that, in the end, it can be a mixed group once again going forward.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” #9, 12/15/11

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Everyone Will Be Able To Apply Himself

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In addition to integral learning, will there be people who have lost their jobs going through professional training to acquire new professions?

Answer: The courses of integral upbringing are the place for acquiring the profession of a teacher, an educator, or an instructor. There are a number of opportunities here, depending on a person’s skills.

There are people who work at the site, in a group, and as leaders of discussions and games. There are people who teach different subjects. All this can be taught because we add a little science, technology, culture, and psychology to integral education. Basically, a person can become an expert very quickly.

A person can become a first-class teacher in one and a half years or, at most, in two years. For the preparation of different types of teaching assistants and instructor aides, it would take even less time. Everything depends on the person. Moreover, there is work for different people with different skills and inclinations.

Our first objective is to turn our students into teachers, educators, and instructors for women, men, children, the elderly, and so forth, who speak in different native languages since we are still divided by language. There is nothing we can do about that.

There is a huge scope of activities and there is a huge demand for people. Even if there were ten times more people right now, there would be a place for everyone to apply themselves. In any case, these people will come to us from among the unemployed. When they find a new way to apply themselves, and, at the same time, they are satisfied by a normal, comfortable and regular existence, then you simply fill their lives with meaning, while curing society.
From a “Talk About Integral Education” #9, 1/9/12

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The Light’s Order Has Been Received

Dr. Michael LaitmanCoupling while striking with the Light happens at the screen, which is standing at the Partzuf’s head. Afterward, it descends from there onto the place in the desires that are possible to be fulfilled. These are not geometric places, located on one side or another, but these are desires.

At the head, coupling while striking happens with the Light and the decision is made that some desires can be fulfilled, while others cannot. All of these desires are gathered together and a calculation is performed on them. Similar to how there are numerous places in the human organism where the decisions are made in the head and then they are activated.

Let’s say that an order to make the blood vessels narrower has been issued. Now, this order goes to any place where there are blood vessels in the body, and it is to only them and the special muscles located at the vessel walls that constrict them. One effect of the decision applies to all of these vessels.

In the same way the action takes place in the Partzuf’s head, which results in an order being issued. The head is the place which sends the orders. An order is formulated from below, above in the head and it controls the implementation of the action bottom-up in the body of the spiritual Partzuf.

This action is done by that same Light, which has made the decision in the head: what to receive, how much and how, with what intention, to bestow at the expense of what, with the help of what vessels, desires, with what connection between them.

Here, it is like in a musical scale, there are no more than the eight notes “Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do”, while the order is issued thanks to their connection, the chord, a combination of various particular actions uniting together.

That is why the Light, which is being disseminated in the head, has a special form of a Light’s order. And it is the one to implement this action in the body and everything happens there according to the force, coming from the head, and activating the nervous and other systems. And this is how the body implements an order.

If only the GE (Galgalta ve Eynaim) are activated in the head, then in the body, in each of its parts and cells, in each desire, only the GE are being activated due to the combination of orders, which the head has taken considering the thousands of various conditions: onto what depth of the desire to disseminate this action (Aviut), relative to what, and so on.

It seems to us that coupling while striking is a simple collision, like the strike of the pendulum, but this is not so. It is a million times more complicated and full of details than the orders of the brain, which the human organism is regulated by.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/21/12, The Study of The Ten Sefirot

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Nothing Can Be Solved Without The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I have many qualities that I do not like. They weigh on me heavily and I do not want them. What can I do?

Answer: Instead of eliminating the bad qualities, you should turn them into their opposite. But you need the Light to do that; “here, you cannot get by with gifts instead of a fight.” I must change internally in such a way so my bad quality is turned into its exact antithesis.

Question: Suppose, I have a “short fuse” and I’m already itching for a fight, when I fly into a rage at someone,  I  get angry at myself for being angry. What would be my correction in this case? Will I stop getting angry?

Answer: No, you will be angry, but for different reasons because anger itself is not necessarily bad. All people are different, and the Light gives everyone his own line. You cannot correct what seems bad to you now to what seems good to you now because you are guided by egoistic criteria. While egoism sits in the judgment-seat, you cannot see the truth.

Only the Light will show you what is good and what is bad, and then it will give you an opportunity to decide what you prefer. It leaves the middle third of Tifferet, the middle line, with the scales set in the middle. It is said that a person always should see himself half-guilty and half-righteous. This is what you will feel with the help of the Light.

But now you are in the “bubble” of egoism, and if you decide yourself, you will be like the “world reformers,” all those smart people who from morning till night utter proclamations and warnings, building a system of education on the fear of punishment. They have nothing, but this. They are egoists, and so is their following.

Unlike them, we do nothing without the Reforming Light. The desire to receive has no mind, feeling, and strength for the correct decision, only fear remains, and it runs away from the truth. As a consequence, conflicts are exacerbated, and people grow apart.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/8/12, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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There Are No Second-Rate Conventions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We have achieved a certain power at the Arava convention. How can we use it to help every one of us to raise their inner bar? How do we keep this spirit so we can advance and for everyone to make an inner effort?

Answer: There are three conventions before us: in Lithuania, Brazil, and the US. We are speaking about adjacent events, which will take place within a two month period and will concentrate on one topic: our unity and mass dissemination, which comes from it. In other words: internal and external mutual guarantee.

From now on we must help with the right organization of these conventions, so they would not turn into “events of local significance” as we strengthen the connection with the degree we have achieved in the Arava. A regional approach is not enough; every convention must be universal: Everyone sits in front of the screen; everyone participates in the conventions and advances. Then these conventions will help us all rise to a new degree together.

This cannot be done in turns; we cannot allow ourselves to take turns playing with a toy, like children do. This will harm us. All the groups were connected to us during the Arava convention: we need to continue this way.

The program of any convention pertains to everyone without exception, and for this reason all our groups, all our friends from around the world, must do everything in their power to make every convention as powerful as possible. This pertains to external forms, and mainly the inner essence and preparation for the action. A person must enter the convention one hundred percent prepared, so full that adding a drop becomes impossible. This pertains to all the participants, no matter where they are.

Everyone must receive the content and schedule of the convention together with the preparation materials ahead of time before every convention. A person must strive and aspire towards it; we do not have other methods of advancement.

The program of the convention must be well planned to avoid listening to the same thing several lessons in a row. You must hear new things, and I still have things to tell you, but in reality the only way you will hear something new is if you will be ready for it. Only then will I be able to uncover more and more, due to your union and your new desire.

I really hope that you will become serious about it. This refers to common work; the responsibility is not limited to the organizers and physical participants. There were hundreds of thousands of people with us in the Arava; It is a great power.

So, this week we will repeat materials from the Arava Convention, and then we will move on to a very fast and intensive preparation for the convention in Lithuania. Moreover, we need to prepare a complete program from the beginning of the convention in Lithuanian through the end of the convention in New York, including my meetings with the Columbia and Chile groups, as well as the convention in Brazil.

There will be an enormous amount of hours, which are an incredible opportunity to break forward. Everything depends on the preparation.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/27/12, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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The Powerlessness Of Billionaires And Governments

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: One of the Russian millionaires proclaimed that if a person wants to live adequately, then instead of working eight hours a day he or she should work twelve. So people who have the power and resources are heading in a completely different direction.

Answer: Business owners will not be able to do this anymore because they won’t be able to sell goods produced by workers who are engaged in manufacturing for twelve or even eight hours a day. Nobody will buy them! There is a crisis, people come out into the streets, and purchasing power is falling. They will be laying off people and won’t expand their operations further. There is no and will be no need for that.

Question: What will ultimately compel a person to pay for integral education courses?

Answer: The government must do this. We will have to work only to furnish ourselves with all necessities, and everything else will have to be directed towards upbringing, towards rising to the next degree. This is a law of nature.

Look at what’s happening in the Arab countries. 100,000 people are marching onto the streets and the government cannot do a thing. What will these governments do? They have nowhere even to run, they’re killed right on the spot. Even a billionaire, where will he run to? Right now there isn’t a place in the world where one could escape to. All transactions, banks, and enterprises, everything is in the open. Today, any person stands before everyone as if naked. Everyone sees everything, everything is photographed everywhere—it’s no longer the way it used to be.

Suppose you will escape somewhere into the tundra, will live with some old lady in some little hut. Is this your future? Here is the catch.

Look at all the rulers of the Arab countries. They have armies, money, and power—everything. And where do they end up? And because of what? How many people are heading out onto the streets? They can no longer quell them because a different time has come. Governments don’t have the ability to do as they wish even with the help of the army and secret police. It’s impossible!

And how did the Soviet Union fall apart? This is entirely incomprehensible. Where is the army, the KGB, and the enormous masses of people that were engaged in preserving the regime? Suddenly it was gone. Somehow, it’s not even clear how, it disappeared. Who is to blame? Nobody, only time and the development of society.

And the same thing here. It is expected that within the next year about 500 million jobs will be eliminated. Do you understand what mass of people this amounts to around the whole world? They’ll simply force their governments to unleash a nuclear war because there won’t be another way left.

We need to explain to these millions about what nature is demanding from us. We need to provide them with necessities, while they will receive satisfaction from integral upbringing. It’s simply a necessity that stems from objective laws of nature.

Question: So in the integral education groups we can discuss what’s happening in the Arab countries, can’t we?

Answer: Not only in Arab countries, but everywhere. We can bring these events as examples: Look at how this isn’t helping; see what’s happening with dictators, with the suppression of people. And what could happen with the others? Berlusconi left already. What will happen in Spain? In all countries? Hence the conclusion that on the whole, the number of disgruntled people is growing, even if they live on unemployment.

In America unemployed people are standing in lines for free lunches. Many cannot feed themselves to the end of the month. There are problems with financial aid, with healthcare—with everything. Everything is coming apart at the seams. It’s impossible to just continue printing money.

Soon it will resound in China because China is a manufacturer of goods. Who will buy them now in America, which is its core market? Literally all countries are drawn into this process, and in all the countries much of the workforce is being let go.

Can you imagine if 100-200 million is laid off in China? Today they are living in cities with populations numbering in the millions. You won’t be able to drive them back into villages. You can’t once again turn them into uneducated peasants satisfied with a cup of rice a day. In China, in one factory alone up to 50 thousand people are working away. This is a terrifying problem.

There is no other choice. To prevent the unleashing of wars and annihilation of “excess” people, we need to show that integral upbringing is in harmony with nature and that precisely this is our salvation and the correct path. Even after a war you will remain in ruin and will have to do the same thing nevertheless, except now suffering will urge you towards it.

Therefore we need to unfold and show this entire picture to people.
From a “Talk About Integral Education” #8, 12/14/11

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