Revealing The Pattern Of Development

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday we will talk about the single general law of nature, which we are a part of. As we advance, we see that there is a certain pattern to the development. Generation after generation, for the duration of thousands of years there was the appearance and development of the still, vegetative, animate, and human levels of nature.

Our development occurs gradually. From generation to generation, year to year, and even from day to day, we develop more and more, but where are we going? In order to answer this question, we must clarify what this law is that acts upon us?

We see that there exists a sort of a mechanism, which is located above us and develops the whole nature in a particular direction, making it ever more complicated, of higher quality, better formed and interconnected in all of its parts. Whether we want it or not, we are forced to obey the orders of this law, which influences us and makes us develop.

This is one common law. All that exists is under its influence: everything we see on our planet, everything that is born and moves in some direction.

We study the laws of nature using science, and if we want to achieve something, the knowledge of these laws helps us achieve success. We begin to better understand how to avoid the bad and to draw nearer to the good, how to decrease the amount of mistakes and blunders.

That is why if we would know this common law, which includes all of the rest of the laws (physics, chemistry, zoology, biology, botany, astronomy, medicine, psychology, the little bit that we are already aware of and all that we are yet to discover for ourselves), this knowledge will help us succeed.

Science helps us make our life better and more comfortable. Before, a person would work from morning until the night, as it is said “by the sweat of your brow shall you eat bread” (Genesis), but now one person can feed a thousand people with bread thanks to the development of technology, chemistry and the whole of farming industry. The same goes for the clothing industry, construction, education, culture, everything!

It would seem that today, with our current understanding of all of the laws and the strength that we possess, we would be able to set up a splendid, wonderful life for ourselves! Knowing the current state of the world and the characteristics of its population, we see that we produce such a quantity and assortment of products and things, which can provide a normal, poverty-free life for the entire population of the world.

The problem lies only in the fact that the human is egoistic and he cannot manage to correctly use all of that potential, which he is getting from the knowledge of the laws of the nature. We are given abundance, but some are holding great powers in their hands: money, equipment and everything else, while others, as a result of that, are not getting even the bare necessities for life.

So it means that it’s all within human nature, which does not let us create a good, comfortable, calm, confident life on a beautiful, prospering planet. That is why our goal is to understand human nature and understand how we can improve our lives so that we would want to create a good, prosperous life for ourselves and for others.

This is possible through the knowledge of the law, which is only now, in our time, starting to become revealed in nature. This is the law of the global force, which includes the rest of the forces inside of it, and regardless of our desire (because we do not want this), it forces people, countries, and civilizations to be more connected and in need of each other.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 4, 1/1/12

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  1. Develop a taste for this process, via the truth. Which is that this is really what we want, in our heart of hearts, and nothing can stop you.

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