Unemployment: The Threat Of Global Scale

Dr. Michael LaitmanPeople today are afraid of the future. We know that many people today are losing their jobs, and even more people are afraid of losing them and are especially worried that they won’t find re-employment and be able earn an income to meet their needs. Many thousands in the USA lost their homes because of the real estate crisis, and we can only guess in what conditions they live and how difficult their situation is.

As part of my teaching activities, I visit many countries and see how people are oppressed by lack of work and income. There are two issues.

First: A person does not know how to provide for his family that could consist of a wife, children, home, debts, and aging parents. Perhaps, he is close to retirement age. He has to help his grandchildren. A number of people depend on the working family member.

The pressure is growing and becoming a common concern of the masses. As economists and sociologists calculate, soon the army of unemployed may be joined by hundreds of millions of people who will have nothing to live on. According to statistics, nearly half of the population of the USA require some kind of assistance for their livelihood, be it food stamps, hot meals, and so forth.

Second: People who lost their jobs do not know what to do with themselves. Areas affected by unemployment are transformed into centers of organized crime, prostitution, drug addiction, and so on. As a result, society pays a higher cost for this than it does for creating jobs.

As we know, after spending several years without a job, a person cannot return to the labor market. Even the educated, middle class loses its ability to work hard over time. They lose the right attitude. They no longer feel the need to leave the house every day and return after a workday to talk about their work, etc.

Thus, it is not personal, individual problems, but social distress that will hit the public like a boomerang, and society cannot cope with this problem. In addition, there may be unrest, riots, revolutions, and other troubles that arise when hundreds of millions are suddenly left behind.

This creates a wave that is rolling through the world like an epidemic. We see today that the problems that originate in one country, either accidentally or deliberately, are passed on and infect others like viruses.

Thus, the problems with the unemployed are not limited to the cost of living, hot meals, and second-hand warm clothes, nor can a society keep that up for years. One year passes or two at maximum, and a person is told, “Take care of yourself.” So far, there are not too many such people, but what will happen when the masses will be out of work?

The problem here is not so much financial, although they will not be satisfied with mere necessities. However, when there are plenty of them, they will gain power in the elections, as well as in demonstrations and riots. We have already seen what might happen. The examples are before us. The “Spring” can be not only Arab, but also European, American or any other.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 7, 1/13/12

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  1. The issue is the divide between the capitalists, who desire society to be an ever sharpening pyramid, and the communists, who desire to flatten and destroy this structure. Both are monstrosities of the left and right lines, the extremes which are beasts drinking blood.

    A hybrid is needed. We need the base of living to ascend, as the hiarchy continues to exist. This will soothe the beast of the poor, who will not be driven to violence by having their lives threatened. It will maintain the pride of the elite, the leaders who seek to be above and win, stimulating beneficial competition, which is essentially social experimenting and testing of life methods.

    If we do this society will resemble not a flat surface, nor a puramid, but a home. A house, for all humanity. And as the rich and poor both ascend, it will become a dwelling for the upper light, and all the joys of this universe will be revealed. Lechiam.

  2. I have not heard it put so honestly.

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