The Environment’s Amazing Influence

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I understand that I must not suppress my egoism. It is like the fuel I will use to change and transform. But I do not understand which action will turn me, an egoist, into a part of the integrated society?

Answer: The influence of the environment and nothing else. The only positive thing there is in you is the fact that you submit to environmental influence. And this is why only the environment can control you, and nothing else.

When the environment gives you a direction, the value of and the importance of certain qualities, behaviors, etc., you are obligated to follow it. You cannot refuse it because fame, power, jealousy, shame, these huge forces that drive us, will still obligate you to listen to the environment.

Question: Let us assume that we are studying the course about the evolutionary development of egoism. Is this enough to begin to behave in an integral manner?

Answer: No! This is just knowledge. But we also need to unite everyone into a group and turn it into a society, which will have the proper influence on every one of its members.

For example, when we put children into certain conditions under the guidance of specialists and educators who behave the right way in relation to them, when we bring older children in and they become instructors for the younger children, we get amazing results. This is because the younger child enjoys listening to the older child and tries to become like him. This is natural among children. They do not take the example from us, but from other children, who are 2-3 years older than them.

This is why we need to use the only opportunity that exists: the environment and nothing else.

Question: I enter an environment where people are warm and attentive to one another. I also really want to become a part of this system. Is my desire enough to eventually become a part of this system?

Answer: Your desire is optional. It would be a bad thing if your desire were necessary, because this would mean that the method would not work.

If we take any person in the world and place him in the right environment, there is no doubt that he will change.

There are many examples especially in psychology. Bring any person to a nude beach. Let him try to avoid taking his clothes off… Shame will force him to undress!

This is why the environment is the only method of correction.
From “Lessons About the New World” #7, 12/14/12

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