The Purpose That Gives Strength

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the difference between a good integral environment and an incorrect one?

Answer: Only the desire to ensure that we attain the perfect level of our state and nothing more.

In other words, people who understand that there is no other choice and that we must come out of the crisis, and preferably without a war or horrible dramatic events come together. It is best if we artificially direct ourselves toward this and start doing it. We study this system, try to realize it, and thus influence each other. There is nothing else. But at the same time we rouse the power of the goal they strive to, which is concealed in nature, and this goal seems to shine at them from afar. It emanates its power, its perfection, and this is their life. And this is why they acquire new strengths.

Any great goal has power. And those connected with it can overcome enormous work.

Question: Is this aspiration to the goal the “ascent”?

Answer: Yes, every time we ascend specifically in relation to the goal. But when we are in the group, this small community, we can coordinate ourselves correctly.

How can I know what this goal is, where it is, what mutual participation of the cogwheels in the mechanism is, etc.? I can see the way I apply myself in the group: whether I behave correctly inside this small community, with maximum integration and kindness towards all. I must study the consequence of all my thoughts: thoughts, not just actions. The thought is the action.

Our thoughts and desires play the same role on the next level of our existence (on the level of “Human” (Adam), the level of the integral system) as actions do on our current corporeal level.

This is why we must reach the control and correction of our desires and thoughts. This is the main thing. Actions can remain just as harsh and cruel as in an operating room, but they will be directed towards the good of others. The main transformation takes place in desires and thoughts.
From “Lessons About the New World” #7, 12/14/12

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