Different Strokes For Different Folks

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Should there be different books or textbooks in the integral education course? Or should there be one textbook for all, translated to different languages?

Answer: When a person begins to ascend, he loses his identification with the corporeal world: “your tribe,” the people, the clan to which you belong, your upbringing.

This does not matter because when you direct everything towards the good of others, you must understand the others: What does it mean “for the good”? Maybe it is not at all for their good? Basically, you cannot be the judge of that.

For example, when I like a certain food and it is good for me, I might cause harm or unpleasant sensations to another person by offering it to him because there are many opposite tastes and opinions.

This is why integration assumes both, the feelings of the other person and the inclusion of his desires and thoughts, and using yourself for his fulfillment. Basically, in this case I must constantly control myself, but not in accordance with my desires and thoughts: not that whatever is good for me is good for others, and thus “pushing” whatever I wish for myself at them. This sometimes happens with us, and it usually causes conflicts between parents and children. On the contrary, I must enter this person, feel his desires, and fulfill them with the help of my desires.

This is the right connection of cogwheels. Thus every one of us is working for everyone else, like cells in a body.
From “Lessons About the New World” #7, 12/14/12

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