Rising Above Our Egoism

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the action of rising above egoism? Is it a thought process or activation of a certain intention? What is it?

Answer: You can try to reveal your essence either independently or with the help of psychologists. Just reveal yourself; it is like surgery, laying your essence down before you in all its qualities, desires, thoughts.

Qualities are given to us by nature, desires are formed under the influence of the environment, and thoughts form in order to execute and realize these desires, to attain the desired. This is the way we are made.

When you see the entire picture of your psychological inner world before you, you can be objective towards it, as if it were not you, and work with yourself.

If at the same time, you connect to a special goal, which you want and can attain; begin to work correctly with your inner data, the qualities obtained from your parents or ancestors; work with the desires acquired from the environment during the upbringing process; and aim your thoughts for the purpose of realizing these qualities and desires as much as possible; and if you see a certain, very serious, big, and grand goal before you—this means that you can objectively begin to work with your properties with the purpose of attaining this goal.

This goal is supported by the surrounding society. You can begin to work with it with the help of the society, with its judgment and approval; this is the “pump” that provides strength and energy to start this work. And this society will always show you the precise direction toward the goal, because the goal is inside the actual society, your inclusion in this society as a harmonious element.

In this case you rise above yourself and look at yourself from aside, from the point of view of this society, this goal. And you naturally begin to change yourself correctly and objectively; moreover, you change independently from what you feel in your egoistic desires, thoughts, and qualities. Your main test is in your integral connection with the society, and coming even closer to your goal.

If this is so, you absolutely stop caring what you do with yourselves. This is called “to rise.”

A person must come to this goal, this level on his own. This is because every one of us must consciously achieve the state of integrated interaction with others through the use of all the internal and external social and personal resources at the same time. But the person must actually change instead of just popularizing this method.
From “Lessons About the New World” #7, 12/14/12

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