A Small Part Of An Enormous Mechanism

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What needs to change in me for me to become a properly operating cogwheel in a common mechanism?

Answer: A cogwheel supports the movement of the entire, cohesive mechanism instead of becoming a small useless wheel in it. Right now we spin in it against our will, this is why our lives are full of suffering. And if we were to spin with understanding, with a song in our hearts: What would happen then?

The fact is that when man connects correctly to the entire mechanism, since he affects it, gives it his thoughts, feelings, and his effort, he actually begins to spin this mechanism himself. He becomes like the Creator of this mechanism. He rises to the level of the upper force of nature, its design and its plan. And then a completely different level of existence, understanding, perception of eternity and perfection, which permeates all of nature on its higher level, appears in man. This is where we are going.

We are heading towards a state we cannot imagine. We cannot imagine what has been prepared for us. But this is the next stage, far from modern practical psychology.

Question: How can I become this good and proper cogwheel?

Answer: You first need to go through a certain number of classes, assimilate them, preferably in a group where people correspond to you in their development, mentality, etc.

Then, you can begin practical work through discussions and debates under the guidance of the instructors.

Then you need to create your environment, which will influence you and you will influence it. And in this way you will gradually build this system.

We must understand that mankind has gone through all the stages of its previous development in a gradual manner over hundreds of thousands of years, and this stage we can literally pass in one generation. We see the way everything develops today, how quickly it develops, because egoism has grown qualitatively, and there is high frequency of changes on its highest levels.

We have begun our talks with the idea that we have certain knowledge provided through a collection of lectures, through which you should receive certain knowledge, and then skills. And this in turn is followed by practice and their realization in life.

We cannot simply “throw” a person into the world; after all, we spend twenty years preparing an infant for life. We at least need to spend half a year working with a person so he could begin to realize himself.
From “Lessons About the New World” #7, 12/14/12

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