It’s Nice Doing Good!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Let us say I am driving; I am running late and I’m stuck in a traffic jam. Suddenly an opening appears, so I can either move my car there or let someone else take the spot.

Answer: I assure you that you will be letting everyone go before you because you will enjoy doing it. You will feel like you are doing good. And you will simply enjoy doing it.

Try to somewhat feel this state, to feel this example, instead of just accepting it. Just accepting it is impossible. If we were to show this through mass media, if our plays, films, etc. spoke of this, we would naturally see a different picture of human behavior on the street.

Question: So we can imagine that a person who has received integrated upbringing will be letting other people go first through the doors?

Answer: He will not be able to do otherwise. He will do this automatically. Social influence will put us in a new field of influence, which will not allow us to act egoistically. We will not be able to do that! Everything only depends on the environment.

This is why the first thing we need to do is to educate individuals, and to create a strong environment with them. Try to penetrate the mass media and the government. Explain to them the need for such social development. Society will do the work in transforming individuals to correspond to it; moreover, they will do it willingly. And all this naturally needs to be accompanied by explanations.
From “Lessons About A New World” #7, 12/14/11

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A Delicate Experiment

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Modern people are completely opposite to integrality, which we are speaking about. A person who steps on other people to get ahead is better off than a person who yields to everyone and cares for others. As a rule the second one is a loser.

Answer: Let’s do an experiment; let’s photograph people and start showing them how they behave in different places. Let them see themselves from aside. Do you think this would not cause them to change, even without any social work?

Let us show children their parents’ behavior. This is the strongest factor of influence on the parents! Let us see how they will react to this.

This will change them. If the children at home were to express their disrespect or resentment of their parents’ actions, the parents would not be able to remain in the same state. They would be compelled to fight for the respect of their children. It is an awful catastrophe for parents when their children resent them, when children not only disagree with their parents but also with their actions, with who they are. We need to use this. Carefully and delicately, but necessarily, we must do it.
From “Lessons About a New World” #7, 12/14/11

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Corporeal Altruists And Spiritual Egoists

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Recently I have attended a gathering of representatives of Eastern beliefs. They all were very nice and caring toward each other. What in their behavior differs from the integral global upbringing that we are speaking about?

Answer: First of all, their behavior is not driven by the necessity of nature. I am an egoist. I am completely indifferent to all the methods, including mine (if you can call it mine). I simply regard the world, its movement and evolution, like a technician, and I understand that there is nothing that can be done.

I am not a supporter of a specific idea. I am not trying to invent anything fictional, some beautiful new kingdom. I understand that we are here on the path of necessary development, and this is why this path is the best one for us and leads us toward the right goal. This is the first point.

Second, I do not have idealistic ideas. I apply egoism to our development without suppressing diminishing, or hiding it. It does not go anywhere; instead, it continues to develop even more.

In fact, now we are shutting down the egoism between us, it won’t develop. We do not feel how much we really hate each other, how opposite we are, how each one of us really wants to destroy everyone and remain completely alone, or just leave others as meek performers of all of his desires.

The method of integral upbringing and education involves the use of all the internal and external natural and human resources. It is in no way built on the suppression of anything, and this is why it works for all of mankind.

All the other methods are based on the suppression of egoism, the absence of its use. But it still jumps out and shows itself because it always continues developing in us, every second, from one generation to another, and there is nothing we can do about it.

Moreover, all of these methods are intended for a very limited number of people. According to studies, between six and ten percent of people in the world have natural altruistic inclinations: to give, to live in harmony, to paint flowers, etc. We are familiar with this phenomenon. But this destiny only belongs to a very few people and others cannot understand them at all: “Good, keep visiting hospitals, keep helping the sick and the elderly. You are not hurting anyone; it’s great what you do, you are good people. But do not drag us into it.”

But it is a whole other business here: Nature specifically obligates egoists to become altruists with the help of that same egoism. In other words, we give this egoism—all of our nature, all our properties—the maximum realization.
From “Lessons About a New World” #7, 12/14/11

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People Withdraw Into Themselves

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (from “Parents want their children to grow self-confident. Children are aimed at achieving success. Ambition and a sense of superiority are instilled in them. A child is a reflection of our value system.

“In 2011, parents wanted to develop in their children the ability to achieve their goals, a sense of responsibility, and the ability to stand up for themselves. In 1998, it was good manners, the ability to behave in society, and to communicate with people. Today, these qualities are not included even in the top five.

“These data suggest that the world has become much tougher, and people more self-centered. We used to say ‘we’ and now ‘I,’ but it is hard to live when you have only ‘I’—you are alone!”

My Comment: Our system of values ​​is a consequence of our growing egoism. It will grow until we realize its deadly properties and begin to seek the means of dealing with it. Then, we will feel the need for a method of correction and begin to exit from the general crisis. We can advance this moment by disseminating the method of mutual guarantee.

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It’s Not A Crisis Of Capitalism, But Of Individualism

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (V. Ganzhin, The Institute for Global Research and Social Movement): “Crisis is a contradiction between the goal and the means of capitalism. It is a violation of exchange between people, a social catastrophe. It is a state when overproduction of goods doesn’t match consumption limited by the ability of people to pay their bills (solvency).

“Everything is built on greed for money. Vendors increase prices. The purpose of capital is to boost the profits. The main stimulus for a capitalist is a greed for money and the desire to enhance proceeds. To amend this situation, it is necessary to renounce the orientation towards money, towards profitability. It is essential to create production focused on ‘human needs,’ to restructure production so that satisfaction of human needs rather than making profits becomes its main goal.

It looks like utopia. At the time of crisis, capitalists will abandon their enterprises because they won’t be profitable. The collapse of the financial system will force employees to take over the abandoned means of production to satisfy their immediate necessities. People will work regardless of profitability, they will work to provide themselves with the products they need. They will transition from production for the sake of growing sales to production for the sake of survival.

Reduction of working time. As a means of life, labor will disappear. Labor productivity will become so effective that the time that is needed to produce vital goods will be completely minimized.

Crisis is a contradiction between the goal and the means of capitalism. The main thing is to refuse the major incentive of the capitalist way of production: financial orientation and profitability. Capitalists, governments, and general current social mind-set consider expansion of consumption and further growth of solvency to be a salvation from the crisis. But in fact, the real rescue is not in social guarantees; the crisis requires deliverance from the capitalism itself.”

My Comment: This is not a crisis of capitalism; it is a crisis of individualism. It is not a simple capitalist overproduction crisis, but rather the birth of a new level of humankind—an integral community. Instead of fighting with capitalism, we should build a society of mutual guarantee by creating an educational environment that will influence people. Only the transformation of human consciousness will raise us to a new level of existence. Otherwise nature will force us towards this by its harsh forces of development.

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Questions And Answers About Spirituality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Would it benefit a person in his spiritual work to incorporate the process of correction and his work as a hobby (in his spare time)? Say for instance, if this man was a computer programmer and he applied the diagrams of the wisdom to a biomimicry program, which would build a need for a certain aspect of reality and then apply the process of correction to that need through this program design, would this help him better sense the spiritual aim?

Answer: No, you should relate to correction as to the main thing in life, while to computer programming as to a necessity. You lack the importance of the goal.

Question: Can we meet or have contact with those who are already in spiritual world?

Answer: You can meet all those who are there, regardless of whether or not they exist in this world, provided you are at their level.

Question: Is this an error: YodKeyVavKey? I have only heard of YodHeyVavHey.

Answer: This is to keep the commandment of “do not take the name of the Lord in vain.” It’s just as we do not call our parents by name.

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A Natural Necessity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the 1920’s and 30’s, a famous Soviet psychologist Vygotsky introduced a concept of a “zone of proximal development,” which, among other things, talks about the difference between an ideal “I” and the real “I.” If this zone becomes too big, then at some point contact between the two systems breaks and a person loses touch with reality. Deception and lies appear, which is what happened in Russia. Do you see any danger in the fact that there is too big of a difference between the ideal picture of an integral society and the real state of people?

Answer: Do you understand what a “natural necessity” is? If at that time all these ideas were simply desirable in Russia, in our current state they are absolutely necessary. If back then it was possible to create a capitalist society, and for those living in the demolished, impoverished, and dejected Russia a free, flourishing Western world seemed like paradise on earth, today this is no longer the case. Today, just one single picture appears before all of us: either absolute annihilation or constructive work on a new level.

This is why I emphasize that it is necessary to constantly galvanize this point in a person. Another solution just doesn’t exist.

Likewise, there is no other solution to the current European crisis. They are constantly trying to dodge it, to postpone decision making until future meetings, promising that they will think of something then. But, of course, there’s nothing to think of. Everything is heading G-d knows where because nobody can calculate and foresee the negative consequences of this never-ending story and the ensuing forced destruction.

There is no other way. That’s first.

And second, the rift. I think that here we must engage in serious work and, most importantly, to progressively develop society. We only have a single mechanism of influence on a person: the surrounding environment. Only the surrounding environment, no other possibility exists. Psychologists, sociologists, all that is good, but without the influence of a surrounding society on a personality, it won’t change, it won’t receive from them a purpose that will live within.

If some expert tells me about all this, I hear him or her out, become frightened for a moment, surprised, imbued with a concept, and I am ready to carry this out, to act and strive towards something right there and now. I make promises to myself. But afterwards, without the social, without the surrounding and obligating force I will never actually do it.

I require a society that would uphold this idea and a movement that would oblige me to its implementation by relying on my personal qualities such as envy, jealousy, the desire to elevate and realize myself, and the feeling of shame: Who am I compared to them, how do I appear in the eyes of my children and loved ones. Here we need to utilize all the resources available to us (and they are all egoistic since they exist around egoism) in order to compel a person to progressively penetrate into this consciously recognized necessity of an integral unification with others.

Specialists, psychologists should spearhead this, and behind them, a social wall, the mass media.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” #6, 12/14/11

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