People Withdraw Into Themselves

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (from “Parents want their children to grow self-confident. Children are aimed at achieving success. Ambition and a sense of superiority are instilled in them. A child is a reflection of our value system.

“In 2011, parents wanted to develop in their children the ability to achieve their goals, a sense of responsibility, and the ability to stand up for themselves. In 1998, it was good manners, the ability to behave in society, and to communicate with people. Today, these qualities are not included even in the top five.

“These data suggest that the world has become much tougher, and people more self-centered. We used to say ‘we’ and now ‘I,’ but it is hard to live when you have only ‘I’—you are alone!”

My Comment: Our system of values ​​is a consequence of our growing egoism. It will grow until we realize its deadly properties and begin to seek the means of dealing with it. Then, we will feel the need for a method of correction and begin to exit from the general crisis. We can advance this moment by disseminating the method of mutual guarantee.

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