It’s Not A Crisis Of Capitalism, But Of Individualism

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (V. Ganzhin, The Institute for Global Research and Social Movement): “Crisis is a contradiction between the goal and the means of capitalism. It is a violation of exchange between people, a social catastrophe. It is a state when overproduction of goods doesn’t match consumption limited by the ability of people to pay their bills (solvency).

“Everything is built on greed for money. Vendors increase prices. The purpose of capital is to boost the profits. The main stimulus for a capitalist is a greed for money and the desire to enhance proceeds. To amend this situation, it is necessary to renounce the orientation towards money, towards profitability. It is essential to create production focused on ‘human needs,’ to restructure production so that satisfaction of human needs rather than making profits becomes its main goal.

It looks like utopia. At the time of crisis, capitalists will abandon their enterprises because they won’t be profitable. The collapse of the financial system will force employees to take over the abandoned means of production to satisfy their immediate necessities. People will work regardless of profitability, they will work to provide themselves with the products they need. They will transition from production for the sake of growing sales to production for the sake of survival.

Reduction of working time. As a means of life, labor will disappear. Labor productivity will become so effective that the time that is needed to produce vital goods will be completely minimized.

Crisis is a contradiction between the goal and the means of capitalism. The main thing is to refuse the major incentive of the capitalist way of production: financial orientation and profitability. Capitalists, governments, and general current social mind-set consider expansion of consumption and further growth of solvency to be a salvation from the crisis. But in fact, the real rescue is not in social guarantees; the crisis requires deliverance from the capitalism itself.”

My Comment: This is not a crisis of capitalism; it is a crisis of individualism. It is not a simple capitalist overproduction crisis, but rather the birth of a new level of humankind—an integral community. Instead of fighting with capitalism, we should build a society of mutual guarantee by creating an educational environment that will influence people. Only the transformation of human consciousness will raise us to a new level of existence. Otherwise nature will force us towards this by its harsh forces of development.

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