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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Would it benefit a person in his spiritual work to incorporate the process of correction and his work as a hobby (in his spare time)? Say for instance, if this man was a computer programmer and he applied the diagrams of the wisdom to a biomimicry program, which would build a need for a certain aspect of reality and then apply the process of correction to that need through this program design, would this help him better sense the spiritual aim?

Answer: No, you should relate to correction as to the main thing in life, while to computer programming as to a necessity. You lack the importance of the goal.

Question: Can we meet or have contact with those who are already in spiritual world?

Answer: You can meet all those who are there, regardless of whether or not they exist in this world, provided you are at their level.

Question: Is this an error: YodKeyVavKey? I have only heard of YodHeyVavHey.

Answer: This is to keep the commandment of “do not take the name of the Lord in vain.” It’s just as we do not call our parents by name.

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