A Delicate Experiment

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Modern people are completely opposite to integrality, which we are speaking about. A person who steps on other people to get ahead is better off than a person who yields to everyone and cares for others. As a rule the second one is a loser.

Answer: Let’s do an experiment; let’s photograph people and start showing them how they behave in different places. Let them see themselves from aside. Do you think this would not cause them to change, even without any social work?

Let us show children their parents’ behavior. This is the strongest factor of influence on the parents! Let us see how they will react to this.

This will change them. If the children at home were to express their disrespect or resentment of their parents’ actions, the parents would not be able to remain in the same state. They would be compelled to fight for the respect of their children. It is an awful catastrophe for parents when their children resent them, when children not only disagree with their parents but also with their actions, with who they are. We need to use this. Carefully and delicately, but necessarily, we must do it.
From “Lessons About a New World” #7, 12/14/11

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