The Emptiness Inside Is The Embryo Of The Spiritual Vessel

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot,” 100: …The Zohar tells us that we should not even consider that the Creator wishes to remain in the Providence of concealed face from His creations. Rather, it is like a person who deliberately hides himself, so his friend will seek and find him. Similarly, when the Creator behaves in concealment of face with His creations, it is only because He wants the creatures to seek the disclosure of His face and find Him. …

We are talking only about those who receive, that is, the created beings that have feelings towards the Creator. There is a created being: a body, a head, arms and legs, everything is in its place. But is he automatically called a “created being?” No.

The created being is the desire to receive that feels the Creator, or that feels a deficiency in him. By that deficiency, I can be called a “created being” in relation to the one who is the “Creator” for me. If I don’t feel this deficiency for the Creator, then I cannot be called a created being because I don’t feel that I am part of something or of someone, and I stay on the developmental level of a “beast.”

The created being, a man, begins the search for his source, for the Creator. Only then is a spiritual vessel born in him, the deficiency and the need to reveal the Creator. Until then he goes through the stages of preparation as he hasn’t attained the fourth phase of his desire yet.

On the whole, it is only about the intensity of the desire to receive, about its “coarseness” and about the new attribute that guides a person in his search for the source. When this new desire is born in a person, he begins to feel that he is in concealment. Thus the concealment is also a stage of the revelation: I discover inside me that something is concealed from me, and it isn’t trivial. If such an “appetite” is evoked in us, some deficiency, if emptiness is revealed inside me, a deficiency for something, it is already an embryo, a beginning of the future vessel. Its further development depends on my efforts, but its beginning, the end of the string, is placed in my hands.

Therefore, we should love and respect the concealment and not reject or disrespect it, but rather we should know how to work with it. This is our craft, because the concealment leads us to revelation. Furthermore, the revelation will also come to a person in a concealed manner if the Creator creates a veil for him, and then the person builds it by himself and discovers the Creator in it.

The Creator shows him that He is concealed from him: He places a “partition,” hangs a “curtain,” between them, so that a person would feel His presence in the concealment. Here a person should make calculations: This is happening because I am in my egoistic desire. If I create that curtain now, not over my recognition but only over my ego, then I will be able to partly ascend above that “curtain,” above the Masach (screen), and there I will discover the Creator. Only my ego will remain in the lower part that is below the Masach, the desire to receive in order to receive. When I build such a Masach, such a curtain above my ego, I unveil the curtain that conceals the Creator.

Therefore we work in concealment and do not annul it immediately. All the Masachim (screens) are concealments: I check what I should cover and what I should reveal and to what extent and in what way. This is all my work.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/22/12, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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