The Pyramid Of Mutual Guarantee

Dr. Michael LaitmanMalchut is separated into two levels of desire that differ by how quickly they react to the influence of the Light. All of the desire in Malchut needs to be corrected and returned back to Keter. This is called the nine Sefirot of the Reflected Light, the work of the creation. And when the construction of the whole upper system is completed, all the worlds and restrictions, all the examples of the relationships between Keter and Malchut, establishing complete conformity from above to below from the side of the Light, then it is creation and humanity’s turn, in other words, the total Malchut begins to awaken from the state most distant from the Creator.

In this awakening some awaken sooner and some later according to the law of similarity of qualities. The upper Light influences us and gradually strengthens its influence on the general Malchut, which is split apart.

Those parts that awaken before everyone else are called Israel, meaning those who aspire “straight to the Creator” (Yashar-El). While those who are not yet awakened due to their great depth of desire, for the time being are called the nations of the world. However, in the end everyone will arrive at unity with the Creator, as it is said: “And there shall be no outcast rejected from Him” and “Everything must return to its root.” However, there is a defined order according to which a part of the souls awakens earlier, and those awakened first are obliged to work on themselves and be a conductor of Light for the rest who are not able to awaken by themselves.

They will never awaken if the part of the souls that is awakened thanks to the Light does not exert influence on them. So it turns out that there is a part of the souls located under the direct influence of the Light and for this reason can awaken, while the other part can awaken only due to the influence of the Light through higher parts of the soul. This is how the Light gets to everyone.

That is why we separate these two groups in our dissemination. There are those, who awaken by themselves towards the Light and their relationship to it is studied by the science of Kabbalah. They need to take this system with its laws and explain it to the others using the language of that earthly system where we all are, using the language of “mutual guarantee.” And the relationships of everyone else to each other will not be called by the terms of the science of Kabbalah, but of the mutual guarantee.

In fact, this is the same science, the same methodology, but on two levels. The level for those who consciously aspire toward the Light is called Kabbalah. The level for those who simply long for a happy life is called mutual guarantee. But both of these parts are moving and getting closer to each other, egoistically (Lo Lishma) at first, and in the end will reach bestowal (Lishma).

That is why the problems and sufferings they experience are also different. Those who are in connection with the Light receive suffering relative to the Light called the sufferings of love. They are constantly judging themselves, searching and clarifying their relationship to the Light, how connected they are to it, and whether they love it or not.

While those who are at the other level will be obliged to check themselves relative to the mutual guarantee, whether they want it or not, whether they love each other or not. This is how the same aspirations, the same stages are realized in a concealed way, only on a lower level, in a somewhat similar way. Then they will at levels more advanced, more conscious and will even reach the revelation.

That is why for those, who are already in touch with the light, the following condition is given: “Be unto Me a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation.” Meaning that they must be in complete bestowal, in faith, “Lishma,” in unity with the Light, with the Creator. They are obliged to be the “servers of the Creator” relative to those, who are lower than them and do not have the direct connection with the Light, meaning, they have to be the teachers, educators, organizers of the whole necessary system of correction, to care about others. Thanks to this they will reach unity with the Creator. There is no other purpose of the people in whom the urge for spirituality awakens, besides working with the others and to serve as a transfer buffer for the correction of the world, and only due to this to become worthy of unity with the Creator. After those, who are called Israel, the whole of the world will arrive at such a union. This is how the world is built.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/19/12, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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