“Tomorrow” Means “Never”

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot,” 100: In other words, there would be no way or inlet for people to attain the Light of the King’s countenance had He not first behaved with them in concealment of the face. Thus, the whole concealment is but a preparation for the disclosure of the face.

Yesterday I spoke with a man who practically knows everything that is in our books. He really made great efforts in his study. His question was simple: “What’s the use of having studied all that?”

The point is that the revelation of the Creator doesn’t depend on the amount of knowledge and the number of years one studies. It only depends on the intensity of the mutual connection among us. This is the whole problem. Our spiritual vessel is called “mutual guarantee” and it depends only on how much we can connect with one another so that each one can depend on the other and trust him. It can even be a “baby,” in other words, a person who just started studying. Seniority has no meaning.

We study the material and “chew” it, but don’t think that if you study a certain additional number of pages you can discover the Creator. If you can’t do it now, you won’t be able to do it later either. You mustn’t postpone the redemption. We should expect the coming of the Messiah at any moment. The revelation doesn’t depend on anything physical.

Baal HaSulam says in letter 17: … when today will become tomorrow, and instead of now you shall say later. And there is no remedy for that except to make an effort to understand this mistake and this distortion, that the one who is saved by the Creator, is saved only as someone who needs help today, and if he can wait for tomorrow he will understand things at the end of his life.

And this is because of your negligence to fulfill my request and to make an effort in the love of friends, which I have explained to you in 70 languages (in every possible way), that this virtue is enough in order to complete all that you lack.

This means that a person didn’t do what he had to do and remained empty. He will only understand his mistakes at the end of his life, when it is too late.

So don’t think that we should study some more, or we should work on ourselves some more. Every person, even the newest student, must see himself as ready and worthy. The Creator Himself built the present situation for us. It isn’t my caprice. Until about a year or two ago I didn’t think about it, but now, when the external conditions have been revealed, when we must fulfill them, it is a sign that we are ready.

Even if I don’t understand and don’t feel what Kabbalists say, it isn’t an obstacle. When a person feels that he is empty, then it is the truth and is good. This is because our spiritual vessel is not in any of us at all, but only among us. Everyone feels the spiritual world outside him, in his mutual connection with others.

If we calculate things now and check how much more effort and preparation we need, then actually everyone thinks about his own deficiencies, and with himself one cannot have any calculations. No matter what is inside you, it has nothing to do with spirituality. This is your “beast.” The spiritual world is among us, in the space of our mutual connection. It is there that my spiritual vessel is found. Actually it is all of Ein Sof (Infinity).

You may ask: “So what have we done until now?” We worked in order to understand this, and not more than that. The understanding takes years, and all the rest is practical work when a man’s soul teaches him. It is written: “Love will cover all the sins.” “Will cover” means that it will complete everything. You don’t need anything more.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/22/12, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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