Detector For Revealing The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe upper Light is absolutely still. We are in an ocean of Light, like in an electrical, magnetic, or some other kind of field. It does not matter what kind of Light we have here. It exists; I do not need to create this second force, I just need to reveal it.

It turns out that every time we need to achieve a connection between us to form a detector, an instrument for revealing the field in which we exist. This detector is a desire, a need, which is sensitive to the field I am going to reveal: the quality of bestowal.

In other words, I must feel a need, a desire, to reveal the quality of bestowal. This is the only thing we lack, nothing else. As soon as we together reveal the need for the quality to bestow, we reveal it. That is, we must calibrate ourselves in relation to the quality of bestowal, to manage to reveal it without being in it, but only through an idea of what it represents. This is exactly what we are asking: to know what the quality of bestowal is, to be able to connect with one another the right way for the desire, the need, to bestow to appear in the connection between us. And that is all! This is the Kli (vessel) for revealing it.

We please the Creator with this attitude toward the quality to bestow, this field, the Creator. This is not that difficult and not so far away. All the effort needs to be in the thought: What is the detector of the quality of bestowal? And there is nothing else.

Baal HaSulam wrote in the book The House of the Gates to Intentions: There is a Creator and a creation, and he continues to explain that the creation’s entire problem is to reveal the Creator within which it exists. There is nothing else.

For this reason, when a person concentrates on the question: “How do I build the vessel for revealing the Creator, the quality to bestow, so it would reveal in me?”—he understand that this quality cannot reveal in him because he does not have a vessel for it, he lacks sensitivity for this quality.

Sensitivity to the quality to bestow can only appear from our revealing the desire for it together in our connection. My vessel gains sensitivity to the extent of our simultaneous rejection of one another and the desire to reveal the quality of bestowal between us. So I increase the extent of its sensitivity. And that is it.

Question: Why do I need to want to reveal the need for the quality of bestowal instead of revealing the actual quality?

Answer: There is no point to my revealing the actual quality to bestow: It exists. There is a treat in front of me, which contains everything. Everything in the world is in front of you. But you do not have an appetite for it and you cannot taste it. For example, if I am sick and have not eaten for two days, what do I think about? Revealing tastes? No I think about my need, my desire because, in fact, this is what I lack. Everything else is ready.

The upper Light is absolutely still. We are inside it. Increase your sensitivity, from opposition to it, from the negative, at least make it zero, and keep increasing it little by little until you reveal it.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/22/12, The Zohar

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