The Measure Of My Exertion

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: On one hand we say that we should demand revelation now, regardless of our length of study, and on the other hand there is the notion of the necessary measure of exertion, which must be made in the preparation stage. How do the two things go together?

Answer: Reaching the necessary measure means reaching the true necessity. None of us can even begin to feel this. We simply feel bad in our ego and so we are ready to escape it to some extent. Not more than that.

Spirituality begins from the revelation of our mutual connection. We haven’t started that yet and haven’t reached it. We haven’t started this process and haven’t touched the vessel among us.

In each of us there is only emptiness, nothing. It isn’t a vessel, but merely a point. Besides that, everything else in you belongs to the beastly level and has nothing to do with spirituality. The “human” in you is just a point within which there is nothing. This point develops only by connection with other points, and thus it puts on “flesh” and creates a spiritual “body.”

The preliminary work for attaining the necessary measure is only needed in order to begin uniting with the friends. None of us has anything; no one understands anything. We come out of Egypt like some “crowd” escaping without knowing where to, in total darkness covering all our desires, thoughts, and intentions. This is the escape of the slaves of the egoism. Otherwise they cannot leave it. They are taken out after being in a state of having no choice, and nothing more is demanded of them. Then they start complaining to Moses, they build the golden calf, but this is actually the road to spirituality, otherwise you will not be born.

Therefore the measure of exertion is when you understand that the spiritual vessel is connection with others. It doesn’t belong to you. It is a very hard moment, because here you begin to enter through the wall in order to reach the spiritual world. On one side of the wall you are in the ego, in your individualism; and on the other side of the wall it will be clear to you that the spiritual “you” is what is between you and the others to the extent that you are in them, in their desires and their thoughts, when you leave your own thoughts and desires behind that wall.

Only the Light can do that for you, but you should imagine this and think about it. Nothing more than that is asked of you.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/22/12, “Introduction to the Study of the Ten Sefirot

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