Don’t Sell Wisdom

Dr. Michael LaitmanUntil now, humanity has moved forward somehow. However, today, it seems to be at a crossroad, if not an impasse. We are lost in the desert and do not know where to go.

Here, we have to learn from nature of which we are a part. Nature strives for balance, but, for us, balance with nature means the similarity of properties. Since we are developing, let us see what the general force of nature is, where it goes, what it wants, and what it changes in us.

Here, we can say that our development might be good. We are aware of our evil, our egoism. Becoming greater egoists, we understand with more clarity how bad it is, how much we poison life for ourselves and for others.

I try to succeed at the expense of others, to use them, get ahead of them in power and wealth, and rule over them. Perhaps, all this hits me like a boomerang because eventually we see what kind of society we have built and how humanity appears with its wisdom, greatness, wealth, and splendor. Look at where we have arrived; this is not where we wanted to come.

What is the cause of all this evil? Why do we repeatedly make mistakes and end up with nothing? We are always pursuing some goal, believing that it will bring us good fortune. Then, we switch to the next target with the same hopes, but, in the end, we always meet with a bad ending, frustration, and even a dramatic development of events in the form of wars, epidemics and other disasters.

The problem is the following: If we compare ourselves with other levels of nature, the still, vegetative, and animate, we see that they develop, if they develop at all, very slowly. In reality, they nearly stand still and live according to instincts, the orders of nature that are inherent in them and which they perform.

Studying a cow, ape, horse, dog, or cat, we see that they act in strict accordance with their nature, deviating neither to the right nor the left, and they never make mistakes. An animal has its inner laws, and it is designed to comply with them. On the other hand, a human being constantly makes mistakes, which obviously should initiate a rational development because our advantage above the animate world is the ability to reason.

From generation to generation, we were developing our intellect, education, knowledge of the world, nature, and ourselves. This means that we perhaps are not using our intellect correctly, and that is our problem. If we turn to more ancient times, we would understand why the subject of the human mind was raised by the ancient sages, such as Aristotle and Plato who founded modern science.

They advised not to reveal science to anyone, and to trust it only to decent people who would use it correctly, exclusively for the benefit of human life, for the sake of good relations between people, so that they would live better and more comfortably. If you give science to whoever wants it, then, in essence, you do a disservice to humanity.

An average person, driven by his egoism, uses science to the detriment of others as well as to his own because it will hit him like a boomerang. Those people eventually destroy the environment, driving all of humanity to produce weapons and other things that are not necessary. Today, we see that the great opportunities offered by science can provide us with everything; however, we use it for evil.

As a result, we face a comprehensive crisis that covers all areas and levels of our life. It covers science, education, the institution of the family, relationships between spouses, between parents and children, and in general among all people, our health, future, and culture.

In what are we interested? With what do we fill ourselves? It is with the fruits of the media. This position does not correspond to what we are capable of theoretically. We use our abilities incorrectly.

Thus, we have continued for generations, for the thousands of years that have passed since Plato and Aristotle who warned against the transfer of scientific knowledge to anyone without discrimination. They urged us to trust only those people who knew how to apply knowledge correctly and would invent only necessary and useful things.

Possessed by the evil inclination, people always want to use science to gain power over others, for the development of weapons and medications that are not necessary but are for personal enrichment, and, generally, for all kinds of things that are seemingly necessary, but in reality are absolutely needless. These scientists sell science and their inventions only to make money.

Honest scientists are motivated by love for science and nothing more, as it is written, “Buy truth and do not sell wisdom, instruction or understanding.” As a result, we see that we have completely lost our way in the desert for thousands of years of our development, and thus we have come to this.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 10, 1/8/12

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