Difficult Maturation

Dr. Michael LaitmanLooking at ourselves, we see that we are spoiled. We don’t have a very good life. Our qualities, habits, and character traits are not very comfortable. We are not satisfied with each other, and we are not very satisfied with ourselves.

This situation can be compared to an unripe apple on a branch, small, wrinkled, sour and having an unpleasant smell. However, gradually, it grows and ripens.

Someone who does not know would not have seen the benefit of this whole process. Really, why does a worthless fruit absorb minerals, vitamins, water, and oxygen?

It is only at the very end that the apple suddenly fills with color, exudes a pleasant aroma and sparkles so with its juicy plumpness. Now, having ripened, it looks opposite to its intermediate states of ripening.

So, perhaps we also are developing in an analogous way? Perhaps, we simply cannot see it because we end our lives without waiting for “maturity” when each one will become wise, wonderful, and noble, in other words, a good person.

Perhaps, in contrast to an apple or an animal, we develop from generation to generation. Each generation is higher and more progressive than the previous one. This would mean that it is impossible to inscribe this process into the framework of one particular life.

Evidently, all of our development throughout thousands of years is similar to the life of one person who develops ever more and more. It seems that, in the end, we will arrive at a wonderful, ripened state.

Apparently, our development moves according to such a scheme. As the saying goes, “Do not show a fool unfinished work.” Since a smart person differs from a fool in that he sees the “newborn” and in advance he knows what the ending will be, and so he can justify the process that we are going through.

However, we do not see the ending, and that is why it is difficult for us to justify our current states. Indeed, our path is very sorrowful and difficult. We are moving forward only by unfortunate blows, problems, and personal mistakes.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 10, 1/8/12

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