The Unbearable Equality

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe must balance the two forces: the force of reason and the evil inclination. Our desires are divided into several layers. On the bottom there are the desires on the level of the “inanimate,” (the matter our body is made of), the level of the “vegetative,” (the hair, nails and bones) and the level of the “animate,” (all the other physiological components). In addition I also have a brain that is above the “animate” level and the evil inclination that is my ego. These are the parts of which man is made.

There is nothing to correct on the levels of the inanimate, vegetative, and animate. The only problem is we destroy our relationships with other people because of the evil inclination, the ego. On the whole, everyone agrees with that. In the worst cases a person doesn’t recognize his evil inclination but blames others, humanity.

In any case, a person has unlimited options and he can manage very well on this planet. So why doesn’t he do so? What stands in his way? His egoistic nature stands in his way. He wants to use all his powers and resources in order to rise above others. Eventually everyone takes part in this competition, trying to raise themselves, to destroy others or both simultaneously. The evil inclination really stands in our way of building a good life.

Can I imagine living under the control of the good inclination? After all, this means that everyone would have the same form. Is it possible that I would be like everyone else? What would I enjoy then? When everyone is equal, there are no great or small, and this denies the essence of my existence.

Today our lives are active; we constantly strive for something. I constantly calculate and check in what way I am better than others, and this gives my life flavor, pushes me to achieve things, and keeps me moving. Everywhere is competition; we compete against one another; when I compare myself to others, I essentially measure my vitality. If everyone is equal I don’t feel that I am alive.

The question is how will we fill ourselves? Does nature want to turn us into marionettes? After all if we are all brothers, then everyone has the same things and we are all equal. Then I don’t feel what I am living for. Is there another goal? In my present state, I don’t recognize it. Everyone always tries to fulfill himself in his own way: I, for example, as a scientist, you as a journalist, and he in education. However, eventually everyone wants to separate, to differentiate himself from others. This is the exact necessity that drives us to develop.

Suppose the hardships of the crisis help us understand how to balance society as a whole. Well, we will all be balanced, all equal. How will I be able to fill the great void in me that demands to be above others? How will I be able to feel better than others? The way things in the world are today requires only two hours of daily work and we would not lack anything if we only stop trying to be better than others. Everyone lives in a normal standard of living more or less. So how can I fill myself? What will I do in the spare time that I have? After all, one can go mad with all this freedom. Is it possible that this is exactly what nature is bringing us to?

Here we reach the other side, which is cooperation against the ego. We use our ego but in an opposite manner, not in order to rise above others, but so that everyone will rise above his self-love and reach a balance with others. On the way, the ego constantly grows and I use it in order to be equal to the environment. Then I feel satisfied from being more strongly connected with others. My ego grows, which means that I can bestow more upon them, and bring them to greater unity and balance, and then to enjoy the fact that I have a stronger connection with them.

The more I am connected with them through my corrected ego, the better I feel. I have a vessel in which I receive this pleasure, the collective vessel that I connect to myself. From this, I receive the pleasure called “mutual love.” So I reach a much greater pleasure than the one I feel today if I manage to rise above the ego to some extent. Only the correct use of all my desires will enable me to succeed.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 10, 1/8/12

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  1. As the situation is today, Managers receive a greater pay than workers. What happens is that most workers strive to be mangers or other well paid positions, even though their talent lies elsewhere. This in turn brings to incorrect incorrect deployment of human resources that in turn brings poor efficiency, creativity and frustration.
    Why in the first place should a manger receive a higher wage than a worker?
    Why should anyone receive more pay?
    What would be the correct evaluation?
    If I am born with a unique talent, do my children deserve more than other’s?

  2. why should any human be able to consume or receive more than another? If a person exerts themselves vigorously in a task they consume more oxygen; is this fair? If a person is born near the ocean they consume more sea food; is this fair? Money is another resource, why is the way it’s distributed deserving of some special consideration? Why should any of these corporeal measurements have any relevance to our spirituality? I see this pay issue as a divisive … not an issue leading us to unity.

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