Accepting The Creator’s Proposal

Dr. Michael LaitmanEverything that we have in this world is necessary for our correction, for our work. There is nothing extra, nothing can be added or subtracted. Everything is precisely calibrated because it comes from the perfect vessel completely filled with the Light, from the design that contains the final goal, the ideal state. Only our participation is missing—our agreement to this ideal picture, a perfect state, created by the Creator.

But we have to agree from the darkness, from the opposite state, from doubts and clarifications, weighing all the arguments “for” and “against.” Only when a person has checked and weighed everything does he become convinced that the Creator is good and wishes him good; the Creator is above the creation, He is the first, He is the last, and “There is none else besides Him.” Then he gives the Creator all the holy names in gratitude for His every action and the form of control that has been revealed.

First of all, we need to study this picture disassembled: to understand and agree that it is broken and that our task is to assemble it, working together on our connection. The breaking happened in our relations, although we think that this world is broken.

The problems seem external to us: in the economy, ecology, ordinary human relations, at work, in the family, between spouses, parents and children, at all the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature. There is bedlam and confusion around. What we need is to imagine the system completely tied to the connection between people. Only by improving our relations with each other can we change the system at its all levels: the still, vegetative, animate, and moreover, on the human level, in social systems due to which the human being raised himself above the animal world.

Once the human being came from an ape, he began to develop public relations, technology, trade, and industry. But all of them are based only on the relations between people. This is the only place we can influence and change. As we improve our relations that bring us closer to the truth: to connection, unity, and mutual guarantee, all the remaining levels of this world will be connected correctly, will take their places, and the entire world will calm down and achieve prosperity.

For this work, it is not enough to represent the “righteous,” seemingly demanding nothing for oneself. There is nothing we can do; we were all born and grew up in egoism. There is no shame in this, we just need to recognize evil and correct it: to make an honest calculation with oneself, for whatever reason, we must change.

Everyone is engaged in internal correction at his degree, as it is said: “educate the child according to his way,” his readiness. But any person must somehow correct his nature. That is why we need to work in three lines. The left line is the evil in us that is increasingly revealed. The right line is the correction of this egoism by the force of bestowal that we attract from above due to our connection.

We build the third line from these two lines. The desire to enjoy of the left line, which is corrected by the Light that Reforms, turns into a spiritual vessel, called the soul. And in it, according to equivalence of form, the new integral system, new fulfillment, is revealed. This means that the Creator is revealed inside the created beings, inside the connection of souls. Shochen reigns in Schechina (Divinity). This is the work in the middle line.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/24/13

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  1. How does one agree to anything from the darkness? Its dominion is absolute.

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