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You Have Not Exerted Yourself And You Have Not Found

Dr. Michael LaitmanEverything depends on the importance of the spiritual path, and this is exactly what we lack. How much time do we waste during the day on different things that are unimportant? We are unable to constantly concentrate on the right intention, to yearn to draw the Light that Reforms. After all it says: “I have not exerted, I have not found.” So how do we make the effort to exert ourselves?

People are willing to exert effort every day on things that seems to be important: hard work, travel, worries. So the only thing missing is spiritual importance. Rabash used to say that unfortunately it’s impossible to buy this prescription in a drugstore, a medication, which if swallowed, would immediately allow you to feel the importance of spirituality. There is no such medicine, so what can we do?

The only means is the influence of the environment. It says: “a group or death.” If we really organize a strong group that constantly inspires a person and evokes envy, lust, and honor in him, then he will envy others and see that they are stronger than he is, how special they are; it will press him, not let him relax, and then he will wake up. If not, there is no way he can succeed.

Everything is determined by the environment. Once you enter an environment, you become totally dependent on it. The environment can raise a person or lower him. A person advances according the intensity of the spirit of the environment with regard to the goal, no more, no less. This is, of course, if he doesn’t disrespect the environment and if he tries to adhere to it. His job is to invest in the environment, and the environment in response has to invest in him, in each of the friends.

We have to make sure of that and constantly check and see that everyone feels the importance and the greatness of the goal. Now, for example, we are sitting in the lesson while some of our friends are working on the construction of our new home, so we have to worry about these friends and not let them work day after day and miss the lessons. This is also forbidden. Even if a person is more extremely needed on the construction site, we still have to make sure that he comes to the lessons sometimes.

You mustn’t leave the lessons completely. A person must be in the lesson at least twice a week in order to keep the feeling of the importance of the spiritual goal, otherwise he will fall. It says: “Torah with the desired system of behavior is better,” which means that we need both.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/20/13

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Discovery After Discovery

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe wisdom of Kabbalah is a very practical science. Adam discovered it and told us about it in his book, Sefer Raziel HaMalach. After that Abraham continued the investigation, and after him other Kabbalists in different generations.

In general, we are discovering something new in the world all the time. And what is discovered today was not discovered by the Kabbalists of the past. In the same way the physicists of the 21st century also know more about the world than their predecessors. This is the character of the scientific knowledge of the world.

Here we , with you, are also developing the Kabbalistic method all the time, advancing forward, and as a result of this, we discover things today that were previously unknown. And what will be discovered tomorrow, we do not know. Personally, I can look at the future because I am ahead of you by a few stages, but the general development of the groups and of the world will be revealed only to the degree that they are ready for this. In general, the outlines of the picture of the future are known to me, but every level, every change is revealed only to the degree of the readiness of the group.

Therefore, the more strongly you become consolidated, the closer you will be to me, the more I can express. So all of us together are discovering the present, correct, and appropriate method of correction for our era, and in this way we will begin to realize it, we will enjoy its fruits…
From the One America “Virtual Convention” Day Two 11/17/13, Lesson 3

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Spiritual Transmission

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are in the initial stage of the world crisis. It will continue to be revealed more and more, and we need to advance together with it until people will feel that they have found themselves at some kind of an end, in a vortex. In other words, pressure from the side of nature will continue to grow to such a degree that it will be clear that there must be some reason for this.

And besides this, it will be clear that a logical, calculated, purposeful, and diverse reaction is required from all of us.

We are discovering that nature is global and relates to us as a complete whole. And in particular its relationship focuses specifically on people like us who have a point in the heart. Specifically we can transform to become the link that connects between the Creator and all creatures, taking their place in the middle.

And therefore we are expecting special forms of pressure: We are obligated to the Creator, on one hand, and to humanity on the other. Both from above and from below we must carry out the role of a transitional link: to convey the desires of humanity to the Creator and transmit the actions and influence of the higher power to humanity. This is what our work is like, to become the connecting channel.

This is a very important, special task, because only through us can humanity receive spiritual “nourishment,” and only through us can the Creator receive human deficiencies. We are in the middle, the mediators, and we are responsible. And therefore it is necessary to cherish every friend, he was chosen from among billions of people and is involved in realizing this mission together with all of us.
From the One America “Virtual Convention” Day Two 11/17/13, Lesson 3

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Strengthen Families, Don’t Destroy Them!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible for a single woman in the group to search for a partner among married friends in the group?

Answer: No, can we allow ourselves to destroy married couples? Women do not come to our groups to break up couples and take someone else’s husband! What selfishness; no one can disagree with that. We must stop attempts like this immediately and even remove a person like this from the group, whether man or  woman!

This is not only about destruction of the family, but also about that egoism that is revealed in this deed; it has no place in a group. Keep in mind that our collective ego acts reciprocally so these actions insert very strong separation into a group.

There are cases where a man becomes divorced because his wife doesn’t agree with his spiritual path. Then, an unmarried woman can show him signs of interest. However, it is forbidden for her to be the cause of his divorce. She shouldn’t give him hope for a future. We cannot afford this!
From the Talk about Group and Dissemination 10/22/13

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On The Question Of Communism

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Novaya Gazeta): “The ideology of the new order of life: everyone is entitled to a guaranteed monthly income. The collection of signatures under this proposal (referendum) took place in Switzerland.

“In general, this is a new principle of life, another option of human development, a different economy, a different state. Behind the activists’ idea there is an international network of BIEN (Basic Income Earth Network), which includes 17 national organizations from Austria, Australia, Holland, America, England and Germany.

“The organization’s leadership consists of professors from the world’s best universities (next congress – Summer 2014).

“BIEN develops the ideology of a new order of life, assuming that everyone will have the right to a guaranteed monthly income.

“While the world is changing, but both the Roman slave and modern worker are chained to work for life, give it the best years of their life; they work because would not be able to survive otherwise, live in fear of punishment (dismissal); they are lifetime slaves in the labor market.

“It is possible to abolish slavery only by providing a person with a guaranteed income that will give him the right to choose the way of his own, only, unique life. Money should be paid to everyone – regardless of character, views, station in life. This is not about supporting weak social layers, but about everyone’s right to a basic income.”

My Comment: This will work well only under one condition: All citizens should devote all their free time to integral education and upbringing. Otherwise they should receive no benefits. If this rule is not observed, society will turn into animals in a short time. There is nothing more harmful to humans than idleness, even more so, collective idleness.

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“Mind Games” Or “Who Is Playing With Us?”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The Book of Zohar seems to tell us about an unfamiliar virtual world. Yesterday, I watched a popular science film A Beautiful Mind Our brain deceives us. Scientists have come to understanding that our brain gets electromagnetic signals, and paints the world that does not exist.

In the end, they conclude that we are all in a certain game; we don’t know who controls it and for what purpose. Could you continue this movie and explain who plays with us?

Answer: In the part of Kabbalah, “Perception of Reality,” we study that the entire reality we feel is felt within us; our brains “paint” it in the form of picture that supposedly surrounds us. There is nothing outside of us: no space or anything the fills it. Everything that we perceive is felt subjectively by us. Everything happens only within us. We’re talking about all of us, and the surrounding world seems to be objective, as if it exists outside of us and without us, but our perception works only relative to us, to our sense organs.

Kabbalists have spoken about the relativity of our perception for almost 6,000 years. The Book of Zohar, written 2,000 years ago, talks about the Earth in the form of a sphere. It describes evolution, all the changes in nature and society, the crisis of our time and its solution. We only need to apply this knowledge and with its help to overcome the crisis and enter a new vision of the world.

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We Have Changed, The World Has Changed

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Are we changing in the same manner that the world moves?

Answer: The world is moving according to our changes. Everything that we see is a projection of our properties. Suppose I see seven billion people before me, but as a result of my gradual spiritual development, I will see them as parts of me. Instead of external volumes, bodies, and faces, I will begin to feel their inner structure, their internal characteristics, the inner spiritual essence. We, like tiny drops of dew, will begin to connect into one great drop, and in our connection and unification we become one spiritual body called Adam, similar to the Creator.
From the Talk about Group and Dissemination 10/22/13

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The Last Drop

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is a “Seah”— a required measure of effort after which a person enters the spiritual world? Who determines this measure? According to what signs is it possible to examine that I have filled it?

Answer: The measure of effort (Seah) is determined according to spiritual levels. There are 125 levels that establish the relationship between the Lights and the Kelim (vessels) and the conditions for passing from level to level. On the level of this world, all of the still is equivalent to one vegetative, all of the vegetative is equivalent to one animate, and all of the animate is equivalent to one “speaking.” And on the next level, all of the speaking is equivalent to one spiritual still, all of the still is equivalent to one vegetative, and so on.

But how is it possible to perceive a relationship like this in order to equate all of us together to one component of the higher level? The Creator organizes and arranges our group this way, cleaning out all of the people who become waste within it and leaving all the rest in such a form as we have now. And it even leaves among us people who don’t hear advice about how it is necessary to work, but the main thing is that those who hear will connect into a single whole. This is what is called, “the entire level of the still is equivalent to one vegetative.”

When we try to connect into one, then the Upper Light acts on us and truly connects us with an inner connection. And then we rise to the next level.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/27/13, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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To Feel The Upper Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is practical Kabbalah?

Answer: Practical Kabbalah means that you begin to sense the Upper Light which comes through you to others.

When you attempt to connect with your friends, you feel how an egoistic field appears between you where the Light begins to act, how it enters, exits, and interacts with this field, it begins to transform and perform a restriction over it.

After that the Reflecting Light begins to work. You feel how it enters and exits you and what happens as a result. You feel it within yourself, inside yourself.

After all, there is nothing outside! Everything you see you feel within yourself. In spirituality nothing exists outside.
From the Talk About Group and Dissemination 10/21/13

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