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Laitman_407_01Comment: You have said that robots will soon replace people. The decline in the price of energy leads to the fact that every object will soon be worth the price of the energy it takes to produce it and will be totally worthless, and therefore robots will also become cheaper.

In addition to that, robots leave us much free time and we will have nothing to do but to study how to be human and improve the technology that will leave us even more free time. American youth today are getting more and more education because they cannot find jobs, and education provides them with a framework, progress, a perspective which they live for.

The trend you speak about, that humanity will begin to study how to be human, has already started.

My Response: We are not talking about studying simply in order to make more advanced robots and computers. We want to teach people so that they will understand what they are living for, why man evolves, and where evolution is leading us, why we have undergone such transformations, and what we have to attain in the future.

We have to realize that and look at the whole process from above, from an upper perspective, not from within ourselves, to establish a balanced society now and not by trial and error as we have done in the past through suffering, revolutions, and wars. We can use all that as a model and reach the right conclusion.

Comment: Humanity can reach this on its own. Kabbalists don’t necessarily need to guide it.

My Response: No, if humanity goes through the natural way, it will be a path of terrible suffering once again. What is the use of inventing more sophisticated machines that can replace people? What will happen to billions of people?

Comment: They can spend their time in continuous studying the structure of the world, geography, or history, what’s wrong with that? It is better than sitting at home or demonstrating and going wild on the streets.

My Response: It is pointless. Suppose we force millions of people to study, what will happen to them in the future? A person cannot engage in something that is pointless and that he doesn’t feel he needs. After all, he will not be able to use it anywhere. We have to see a beneficial outcome, at least some payoff. Such studies will bring no gain.

Question: What will they gain if they see or study the goal of life and about being human?

Answer: They will know that they are doing it in order to ascend to the next level of existence and will begin to feel that they exist in a different reality. They need to be taught this.

Question: And what if they have no desire for it?

Answer: We can gradually develop it because the bud of this desire is in everyone, but in some it is deep inside, whereas in others it is closer to the surface. We can quite easily awaken this spark called the “spark of the Creator” because the suffering that stems from not knowing one’s destiny and the fact that everything is going to end and we are facing death exists in everyone. We just suppress it. And here we don’t need to suppress anything, but quite the contrary, we should stimulate hope and progress and choose life instead of death. We offer life.

Every individual has an internal element that enables him to understand what the true, eternal, perfect life or inevitable death is.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/14/16

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What Will Help The World Get Out Of Deadlock?

Laitman_115_06Question from Facebook: If the wisdom of Kabbalah is the only way out of the impasse, and all must study it, then why are people still not so eager for it? Is there a way out of the deadlock in the world with the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: Exiting the world’s state of deadlock is possible only through the wisdom of Kabbalah, which explains how to transcend our egoism. Today egoism is slowly burning up; it has stopped working. People have become indifferent to everything. Give them some drugs and a little food and they won’t need anything else. They have nothing to strive for.

The current level of development has a precise end. Individuals already discovered it many years ago and today it is being discovered by the masses who don’t want anything. Even from the point of view of industrial development, there is no escape for us. Humanity has no need to work since machines manufacture everything. It is possible to feed, clothe, and provide everyone with shoes without the participation of people in the production process; they can get everything that they need to live.

It will become clear that the next level of development will not be by means of using the ego. So how do we proceed? What do we exist for? The world is beginning to lose its internal vital force because if there is no fuel in the form of egoism, everything will crumble: the family, society, and reciprocity. And here the wisdom of Kabbalah comes to help.
From a webinar “The Year in Review” 12/26/16

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Ynet: “The Day Robots Take Over The Labor Market”

From my column in Ynet: “The Day Robots Take Over The Labor Market”

Autonomous cars that are driven by themselves, three-dimensional printers, and computerized supermarkets without cashiers, what will taxi drivers, salespeople, and all the other people do who have professions that are going to disappear? How will we fill our day after we discover that our workplace has been shut down? Rav Laitman presents the expected scenario of changes in the future society that we should prepare for.

In 2025, the world will be totally different. Sophisticated machines and computers will take over the labor force. Robotic cars that drive by themselves will replace truck drivers, taxi drivers, and bus drivers. We will not need banks either, and professions such as cashiers and other service providers will likely perish from the world. We will still need personnel to operate computerized systems, but will require very few people. The conclusion is simple: most of today’s workers will find themselves without a livelihood.

If such scenarios sound like a science fiction movie trailer, here is some data. The research institute Gartner predicts that by the end of 2020, about 50 billion tools, objects, and people are expected to be connected to the Internet. The world will be connected by formats similar to smart cities; we will all live in smart houses, and machines that know how to transmit information between them and give orders to each other without any human contact will be part of our daily lives. This technological revolution is called the Internet of Things (IoT).

Along with the work place, which is like a second home for us today, wages in their familiar form will disappear, money, which gives us an incentive to get up in the morning, glues us together, and compels us to make a living through the connections between us. What will our future source of income be? What will happen to our wages?

It’s All About Relationships

The Americans have great hopes for a better future with the election of Trump. They expect him to create tens of thousands of new jobs and to make America great again. Other people are hoping that salvation will come from science and that scientists will offer a new socio-economic approach. In both cases, it is about covering up the problem, about providing patches that will not last long. Eventually, we must face the growing problem of global unemployment.

You might try to bury your head in the sand like many do or to ignore the enormous changes that are coming, but you should take one thing into account: man’s egoistic nature. It will continue to grow and develop, will become increasingly more ferocious, and might eventually lead puzzled humanity to choose between two familiar options: a Marxist-style socialist revolution or a nationalistic regime with Nazi/Hitler-style characteristics.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the solution is in building the right relationships between people. It is the different social connections throughout history that have formatted different new regimes. Even back in the Middle Ages, different social eras like slavery and feudalism based on agriculture divided society into two major classes: the nobility and the vassals. The egoistic nature in humanity grew stronger at that time and led to the search of crooked ways to profit more, and people began to develop new means that led to great changes.

At the end of the 18th century, the gradual transition to the modern world began. The industrial revolution developed very rapidly and led to urbanization, a process in which the masses in Europe and the US left pastoral villages and moved to big cities that developed around the new factories that were being built. Society gradually changed, and two new classes emerged: the working class and the bourgeois class.

In the middle of the 19th century, the egoistic nature of relations in society became more extreme and took on a new socio-economic format called capitalism. The method was good at first, but the 2008 economic crisis illustrated briefly how far things can go, and generally speaking, few know how to play by the rules of capitalism, and they are the ones who determine the game, and the others, who are the silent majority, lose big time.

Economy or Corruption

Although the economy helps us live, it isn’t life itself. The increasing activity in the model of universal basic income (UBI), according to which the state pays every citizen a daily allowance regardless of his employment status, disconnecting work from pay, is no coincidence. It reflects the awkward attempts to prepare for an era in which there will be no work, but there will be plenty to live on thanks to advanced robotics. This is the reason that, in a digital era that threatens to change jobs as we know them today, we must engage in building a new social structure. As soon as society changes, the economy will change.

How will we bring about the change? Just as we are all products of the public education system that was founded with the acceleration of the industrial revolution in the 19th century in order to train skilled workers for the professional work on the assembly lines of the factories, we also must bring about an unprecedented educational revolution in the 21st century. This means that we must adapt the relationships between us through educating the masses to live in a new society.

What is the first step? It is to attend school once again, to study about the global world and about human nature, and to discuss how we can tighten the positive relationships between us at a roundtable. The positive force of connection we will create and establish between us will balance the negative force of our egoistic nature, restrain it from disintegrating relationships, and will provide every individual with an income in the emotionally and psychologically in the form of happiness, joy, peace, and tranquility.


Such an educational initiative is based on the laws of global nature, which is taught by the wisdom of Kabbalah. Unity is the most basic, natural structure. Nature aspires for balance, equality, and wholeness, and since people are part of the circle of nature, we, too, are obliged to operate in equality and mutual consideration. The only difference is that in our case, we must do it consciously through an educational process. We will put an end to the problem of growing unemployment by promoting an ideology that calls for unity. New jobs will be created for many and their only goal will be generating the positive energy of connection. This will be our production, an income of nobel human value, a pay we will work for.

What will be our work? We will be busy developing a society that encourages closeness between people. We will focus on the improvement of skills such as patience, concession, and restraint in our relationships with others and will increase awareness of social relations hidden from view. We will not be required to change any of the natural attributes we were born with or those we have acquired during our lifetime, but we must learn how to establish nice mutual relationships between us that will guarantee a good and happy life.

What about the basic necessities such as food, clothing, housing, transportation, and other social services like healthcare and education? We will leave that to robots and smart machines. The enormous surplus in manpower will operate the advanced equipment, and wherever manpower is needed, we all will work together in rotation and with great will to serve all of society.

Robots gradually will replace our technical contribution to humanity, but not the human part, which we have not developed yet. When we connect a bit more, the social atmosphere will bring us together and create a new socio-economic structure that we have never known before. The state will become a big communal family, national and personal problems will be solved from a new perspective, and the force of connection will heal society and bring it to its full recovery. The new social economy will finally free us from the continuous worry about making a living and an exaggerated engagement in materialism, and will leave us spare time in order to develop individually, socially, and spiritually.
From Ynet article 1/5/17

New Life #336 – Conflict Resolution In The Workplace, Part 2

New Life #336 – Conflict Resolution In The Workplace, Part 2
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe


Conflicts at the workplace hinder business’s success and they radiate to all our relationship and on our health. What are the stages of creating connection and an integral approach in an organization?

What is the role of management during the process of building connections between team members? Managers participate exactly like everyone else. The goal is to create a family-like environment in the organization.

Man’s nature is explored—how egoistic it is, and how everyone wants to step on others. How the ego destroys us and our health is discussed. Bad relationships at work cause a person to be nervous and this carries over to the home life and ruins the family’s mood.

We reach the recognition of general and personal evil. From this, the desire to build something new will be built.

In a connection workshop, managers participate like everyone else, are equal to everyone, and give examples to the others.

We are not trying to solve specific problems between people, but are building connection. From within that everything will be solved.

There is preparation for emergency workshops to be held if an argument erupts during the week. Everyone gathers into a circle to talk about how the ego reacts in each of us and that it’s natural. And everyone in the circle connects. We don’t relate to the argument itself, but speak in generalities. From within the atmosphere that is created, the tension will lessen. If a good atmosphere is created, arguments and outbursts will be reduced.
From KabTV’s “New Life #336 – Conflict Resolution in the Workplace Part 2,” 4/1/14

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 1/26/17


The demise of the old, deceitful world will be indicated by the end of fake news and false media. This will be the birth of the new world.

The EU will fall apart, recognize the need for a new unification, undergo correction through Integral Education, and then get together again.

Jews are now almost righteous 😉 Israel improved its rank from 32 to 28 in the Global Corruption Index.

The NYSE soars and celebrates Trump’s victory, but the laws of nature will force the capitalists the address the social ramifications.

The introduction of robots can prevent offshoring, while taxes on using robots can compensate the unemployed.

Liberalism wasn’t balanced by educating the public for civic responsibility. That’s why it is failing in the US and Europe.

The secret for better relationships? Constantly seek balance between fights and reconciliations and understand your partner’s nature.

The Creator hides behind this world. He’s present in your thoughts, desires, and everything that’s happening to you. Try to discover Him! God

People today have everything they need for life, but they can’t find something worth living for.

Nothing happens accidentally or unexpectedly: the old economy is dead, and the capitalists found Trump to revive it.
From Twitter, 1/26/17

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New Life #801 – From Capitalism To Socialism

New Life #801 – From Capitalism To Socialism
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


We are approaching the end of the era of neoliberalism, capitalism is going to disappear and people won’t be able to become rich any more. 

In the future people will not receive fulfillment from money but from something whole and eternal. Nature is directing us to develop toward a new, unlimited form of existence. Someone who is concerned about the common good will be considered a more developed person. Competition will be in the field of bestowal to society: whoever bestows more to society, will be more respected.

In this way, each will have an equal opportunity to bestow and develop without barriers and feelings of deprivation. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches how to move to the next state of society in which a person will enjoy giving benefit to others.
From KabTV’s “New Life #801 – From Capitalism To Socialism,” 12/8/16

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Marx’s Predictions Come True, Part 9

laitman_229In the near future, the unemployed throughout the world will total 80% of the world population. In order to somehow reassure them without bringing this critical situation to the point of a new world war, it is first necessary to provide them with an adequate income, which must be done in any case.

Secondly, we need to provide them with integral education. Let them sit down and learn to unite. The world today doesn’t need anything else. And so it will rise until it reaches a spiritual level, and then physical sensations in general will begin to fade.

Question: But shouldn’t change come from the top? Would the elite want to listen to this?

Answer: Those at the top will be interested in these changes because the fear that riots might begin will force them to listen.

After all, each unemployed American keeps two or three guns at home. They can start rioting tomorrow. Therefore, the elite should be very interested in organizing a system of integral education and providing an adequate income to the entire population of the American Rust Belt.

The egoistic fuel has burned out completely. The world has stopped getting egoistic pleasure from life and is looking for new opportunities. In the end, it will lead us to the need for integral education.

Spreading integral education is the most accurate realization of the wisdom of Kabbalah in the last generation. There is no other work that would be more accurately directed to the purpose of creation and to the upper force.

All of the abstract theories are nothing compared with this practical work to organize people on a massive scale so that they will unite at least a little bit and begin to reveal a positive force between them. This will cause huge, positive changes, not just in human society, but in the upper system that affects the entire world.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About the Current Situation In The World” 12/2/16

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Marx’s Predictions Come True, Part 8

laitman_547_05The wealthy elite should understand that they are creating a time bomb of at least half of the population, and every day this number grows. The bomb is the unemployed that are becoming desperate.

They aren’t students that go to the streets in the big cities to create an uproar in support of Hillary Clinton. These are serious citizens and heads of families.

The elite, in fact, is sitting on the detonator, because the unemployed have nothing to lose. They are silent to a certain limit, but at some point they will explode. So far everything happened through the Trump and Clinton election race. But tomorrow everything could change; after all, every household keeps two to three guns at home.

A person who has lost all hope for a normal life for himself and his children is very dangerous. Therefore, I advise investing in these people to make them good citizens and to teach them to connect. This will cost much less than suppressing disturbances and restoring order.

We must realize that half the country does not agree to continue in the old way, and it must be appeased somehow. It is possible through integral education for a few billion dollars, which is nothing compared to the costs that would be required in the case of a riot.

Today it is necessary to spend money on police and security agents; none of this will be needed. We will have a good, peaceful, quiet population that doesn’t endanger our future life and allows all to live quietly in our country.

This education will be like a soothing lozenge for them. Otherwise we won’t be able to do anything with them. It is impossible to provide them all with work places. Every day the number of unemployed will increase. And what will the elite do? Today people voted for Trump, but tomorrow they might begin to act more firmly. In fact, the Ku Klux Klan could rise, start making a terrible mess and burning everyone.

Therefore, I offer integral education: a good way that will cost almost nothing. It must become a national program to improve the health of society and its lower and weaker sections. I don’t encourage them to rise for a revolution and to build communism, liquidating the upper class. But it is necessary to calm the unemployed that are out of work because of the technological revolution.

It happens in every country, even in not very developed ones. Today nobody needs a workforce. So what is to be done with the excess labor? These people are a heavy burden and a real threat for the country. They must be maintained at a certain level so that they remain human beings. Otherwise, all of America will be filled with abandoned ghost towns.

Who voted for Trump? Former hard workers, heavy industry workers of the “Rust Belt” of America that are left without jobs. But what can he give them? Nothing, since obviously of all his plans nothing will work out. What factories can he bring back to the US? None! It means that he will create fake workplaces in order to keep people busy; they will produce something and then dispose of it.

Today there already are many companies operating on this principle. Huge warehouses are filled with useless products. Our world has taken on an absolutely marred form. So it will be better to calm people and give them integral education so that they will be satisfied with their lives.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About the Current Situation In The World” 12/2/16

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Summarizing 2016: Economy

 Question: 2016 wasn’t easy for the world economy, but the world has somehow survived. It all started with the big drama around China and fears that it would sink, losing its entire former heyday, and that it would drag the entire world with it into the abyss.

Then, the dramatic situation continued in Europe with the vote on “Brexit.” No one understood its consequences, fearing the collapse of the big banks and the entire banking system. Dramatic events followed one after another.

But on the other hand, despite all of the economic turmoil and a sense that the current method has exhausted itself, in terms of the economy, 2016 wasn’t bad. The world economy is out of crisis and unemployment has decreased.

We treated the little symptoms of the disease without touching its foundation and managed to survive another year. How can you explain that every year it seems that this is the end of the existing economic approach, but the world continues to live through it year after year and nothing changes?

Answer: This just proves that economists can’t change anything. They only think that through their games in the stock markets and banks, they determine the life of the world. The world will continue to survive because the problem is not in the economy but in the relationship between people.

So I do not think that we should worry about the economy. Well, even if there would be another collapse like in 2008 or a devaluation of 20 to 30% all over the world, so what? Banks will steal another few billion from the poor and cover their shortfall.

Question: Economists say that the model based on profit fails all over the world. Life expectancy increases, the number of workplaces is reduced sharply, and robots push us to retire. But there are no possible solutions to those problems. There already are discussions about the introduction of a universal guaranteed income. So, where is the world going?

Answer: Economists will have to take all of this into account, and it will be part of the new economy.

Question: Why are so many people optimistic after the election of Donald Trump as the US President and hopeful for a positive change?

Answer: It is because Trump is a man versed in business. He knows how to do business and refers to the world as a private business.

Economists shout that the world’s economy is on the verge of collapse, but no one wants to take care of the entire world. The economy has become integral all around the globe. Yet, they can’t work together to see the entire world as a home, as their family, as a single country, a single society, and to begin to take proper care of it.

Instead, they perform insignificant calculations: “I am here, and you are out there,” but that doesn’t work anymore. There is a contradiction. On the one hand, the economy must be uniform throughout the world, and on the other hand, economists are unable to think in such a global way.

In other words, economists are the problem. How do we convert them to people with a broad view of the world, not just of their pockets? Otherwise, tomorrow, they will lose even what they have in their pockets.

Question: In 2016, we witnessed the economic collapse of entire countries (Venezuela), the currency denomination and extraction of banknotes from circulation (India), and the economic problems in Greece. How will this affect people?

Answer: It will hit everyone, even billionaires who will suddenly find that they have nothing left of all of their billions. If America has such a huge public debt, how it can be covered? Let’s say that it is necessary to pay off the debt today, so how many billions would be left in the world?

Question: It is impossible to pay off the US debt, but no one is requiring it. Everyone is trusting in the US dollar and therefore are not asking for the repayment of debt.

Answer: However, if they balance the economy and reduce the debt to zero, then every dollar probably would be worth 50 cents or less. Hence, all of it is a fiction.

Question: If such a businessman like Trump has come to power, would it accelerate or, on the contrary, slow down the process of correction and the recognition of evil?

Answer: I think that Trump wants to put everything in order. After all, he understands that in today’s world, everyone is very dependent on each other: China, India, USA, Brazil, and Russia. It is such a vast economic network that no one can be free from it.

Question: But if I am John from Wisconsin and Trump organizes everything, I have no motivation to change my life. Yet, we were talking about the process of correction and the recognition of evil, about moving to new relationships and new economy.

Answer: John from Wisconsin doesn’t need to change, but Chaim from Jerusalem must. Chaim and Sarah from Jerusalem are obliged to change, and then John from Wisconsin also will change, along with Fritz from Berlin, and Jack from London.

The problem is how Trump will put pressure on Israel so that it will finally begin to engage in spiritual correction. The spiritual correction must take place in Israel, the financial correction in America, and then everything will be fine.
From the Talk Summarizing 2016 12/25/16

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Marx’s Predictions Come True, Part 7

Laitman_115_06Question: What is the difference between today’s crisis and the Tower of Babel that was also explosion of egoism?

Answer: The shattering in ancient Babylon happened due to the crisis of egoism that divided the society into many parts and tribes. Abraham also appealed to equality, like Marx and Baal HaSulam.

But it wasn’t the manifestation of the final egoism; therefore, people had a solution. They just decided to disperse to the four corners of the world as the Torah describes.

Today’s crisis is on a completely different level, although its principle is the same. Everyone understands that there is no solution to the crisis: we have nowhere to disperse, and we can’t return to the old industry. It is impossible to change the obsolete system to a new egoistic one the way it happened when slavery was replaced by feudalism and then capitalism.

There is nothing left to change; we have exhausted all the possibilities. Our egoism. as a result of its work, devastated humanity, drove it to despair, fooled it, and divided into the “prosperous elite” and the “masses.” But the elite, in fact, have nothing. If the financial bubble bursts, everybody will be left with nothing.

The elite must understand that if it comes to the explosion, we will find ourselves in an absolute desert. All life will stop; no one will be able to make any economic connections or deals with others. Banks and investment companies that play this game are bringing the world to the final line.

Why hasn’t the financial bubble burst yet? Why are China and Russia buying US government bonds? Why does everyone agree with its debt? It’s due to the fact that if the dollar system collapses, all world trade and production will freeze. We’ll have nothing to eat tomorrow. There won’t be anything to buy in any store; everything will stop: no one will bring, receive, and deliver goods to others.

We are in a very difficult situation. Therefore, it is no accident that people build warehouses with food and bunkers where they can hide for several years in case of war. After all, in the worst case scenario, we may be left with nothing.

We won’t be able to go back to the “gold standard” (when currency is pegged to gold) due to the sprawling structure of the connections that rose after its cancellation.

Even the negative development stops, because egoism has nowhere to grow. Everything freezes. After all, egoism needs fuel in order to develop, but it has completely burned out. Egoism will be able to continue developing only if we will develop a positive force in parallel with its growth.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About the Current Situation In The World” 12/2/16

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