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Complain To The One Who Created Us

laitman_272The world is beginning to feel that it has reached a dead end. It turns out that there is no democracy, no liberalism. What have we come to from allowing the mass media and oligarchs to freely run rampant?

After a decade, they will again gather in Davos and proclaim: “Now 99% of the total capital is owned by 1% of the population, and soon all 100% will come into our hands. All the rest can die from hunger. We, of course, feel sorry for them, but there is nothing we can do about it. This is an egoistic path of development. If you dislike it, complain to the Creator.”

The rich themselves will say: “You want change, but it’s not in our hands. We are not at fault; we are the same egoists like everyone else. You would have done the same in our place. All the money has accumulated with us because the desire to enjoy obligated us to act in this way. Complain to the one who created us.” Perhaps then, those unfortunate people who have not a crumb left will understand that they need to turn to the Creator.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/25/18, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” Item 60

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Forum in Davos: Unprecedented Optimism

Unprecedented optimism reigns in the World Economic Forum in Davos. International business and political leaders predict global economic growth and do not foresee any serious dangers in 2018. This year’s theme is “Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World.”

We can understand the participants’ optimism. They are celebrating on their streets: last year about 82% of the created wealth went to the wealthiest 1% of people on the planet. As they suck more out of the world and the economy keeps growing, benefiting themselves while the real standard of living for the majority gradually declines.

In essence, the elites discuss how to disconnect and divide the world. This is how they see their common future. Their heralds promise that enough crumbs will be left for the rest of the people, but in fact, we see this is not happening. On the contrary, the fragmented world suits them: they unite and become stronger and wealthier.

What can you do? Egoism is unable to share what it has laid its hands on. As a result, the gathering of egoists only aggravates the situation.

They are not to blame; they cannot act in any other way. It is human nature at work. If we don’t want it to lead us down a thorny path, we must correct the egoism in ourselves and in everyone. Otherwise, it will destroy us.

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What Professions Will Disappear?

laitman_961.2Question: Do you know which professions will disappear?

Answer: Alot of them. Practically all of them.

Question: They write that there will be taxis without drivers, hotels will be booked online, and editors and writers will also disappear because a computer robot has already won a literary contest.

It has been established that the accuracy of a computer lawyer is 90%, and that of a human being—70%; the IBM Watson device diagnoses cancer four times better than any doctor; solar energy will become so widely used and cheap in the future that the entire coal industry will shut down, and so on.

Israeli writer Yuval Noah Harari in his popular book Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow warns that as a result, humanity could split into two subspecies. The first would be so-called pagan gods, the owners of artificial intelligence and super specialists, and the second, all the rest. And the rest can become entire countries and continents.

Do you really think humanity will break into these two subspecies?

Answer: In the process of achieving this state, both groups will, of course, be very different from one another: some will be engaged in programming and the invention of all these machines and others will passively consume because nobody needs them.

They are just a mass of protein that will also be fed special substances that lower their desire to reproduce and everything else. They will become like “vegetables,” not people. And those who will create the technologies will command them. But this is not the end of the problem, not like a Hollywood movie, because in addition, there is still the upper management and the goal.

Humanity does not exist by itself, separately. We see it in nature and everywhere: the ultimate goal must already be determined and it governs all phases and steps of development. So it will not turn out that everything will stop, as conceived by this clever man.

Everything will be different. People will undergo significant internal changes; they will understand that they are killing themselves in this way. And it is not the same as if we kill ourselves in this world when we want to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

In fact, people will gradually discover the highest form of existence that we can transfer to absolutely smoothly from our life. One can simply ascend to the next level, which is eternal, perfect, and infinite. This will be gradually revealed to people and then they will make necessary changes to adapt to the new level of existence.

Question: What do you think, who will be the first to reveal it: the leaders or the rest of people?

Answer: I think that leaders will not reveal this because they, in fact, are very narrow-minded people. They are tech savvy. They are only interested in how to create machines that will be subordinated to them.

People who report to them are those who suffer and they will begin to feel everything. It is impossible to crush this feeling! This is nature! And it does not matter how much you feed it drugs and use other means to calm it down or put it to sleep, it will not help.

As a result, a very interesting inner revolution will take place in people, and from this point they will come to the next level.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/9/17

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The Bitcoin Phenomenon

The day will come when, by virtue of a new quality of interconnection between us, a new “currency” will emerge.

Below is a seven-year graph showing the Bitcoin-USD exchange rate, with an unprecedented rise in 2017 (Buy Bitcoin Worldwide).

Impressive, isn’t it?

Obviously, I am not a market analyst or expert on cryptocurrencies. However, Bitcoin is certainly not just a financial phenomenon. It is founded upon the attempt to create a completely new type of universal value.

It would seem that there is nothing backing the “virtual currency” except cryptographic algorithms. However, that is no laughing matter. After all, cryptography is intended to provide reliability and trust, which is already valuable in itself. It is as if the creators of the new coin are declaring: human nature with its “baggage” has no access to our territory.

The modern financial system cannot boast of having this feature; there, money is produced by banks and is a factor of the political and economic influences of specific countries and organizations. In other words, the “old” money serves very specific interests.

On the other hand, right before our eyes, a new, extra-governmental, extra-historical currency is being born, setting claim to becoming a universal, absolute equivalent, and even to driving gold out of its immovable position.

It is being born because the need for it is ripe. After all, globalization, which many people criticize, really is a natural phenomenon. It reflects the current state of humanity, which has already gathered into one whole technologically, but has not yet accepted this fact psychologically.

That is why we don’t yet understand how to use the cryptocurrency, how to integrate it into the system, and how it will later influence us, the ones who created it. However, that does not change its essence: the global world is demanding a global monetary equivalent that does not depend on local, subjective “circumstances” and interests.

On the other hand, if we treat this novelty like in the olden times, with traditional means, it will lose its “charm”—its objective value as seen by the public. Yes, in the beginning of the road, Bitcoin became a convenient means for deals on the black market, which found a way in here, yet the completely legal “financial mafia” will put an end to it and will find a way to secure a grip on the new coin.

Will the illegal players be able to preserve the freedom of the cryptocurrency? One way or another, its future depends on that. There are chances for that to happen since governments and banks are also connected to the “financial mafia.”

However, if we rise above the current fuss surrounding Bitcoin, we will see how egoism on a global scale is gradually building the respective global systems for itself, and in a way that does not attach artificial ideals and ideologies to them.

There is no “good” or “evil” here, but only business in the pure form. And what difference does it make if the reciprocal trust of the parties is provided by virtual computer computations? On the contrary, that makes it even better; there will be fewer errors in the calculations.

It turns out that we are talking about global trends and, for the most part, it makes no sense to resist them.

Moreover, in the future we will develop additional universal parameters, but ones of a social nature. The day will come when, by virtue of a new quality of interconnection between us, a new “currency” will emerge—social rating, expressed by a clear equivalent that anyone can understand.

People will be able to accumulate it as well, but not sell or buy it. It is more likely to have a comparative nature while having completely real value.

After all, society, especially one that is global, cannot be based on just bare egoism alone. Of course, it is rational in its own way, but when left to its own devices, it leads to a dead-end. The social aspect in man and society must take the upper hand over self-focus so the whole will not fall apart into pieces.

These are the paradigms of a new time, whose essence is not a single currency, but new relationships between people in a united, modern world.

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From Poverty To Extreme Wealth

laitman_566.01Remark: Today, technological entrepreneurship is being cultivated in Israel. It is believed that a person with an interesting idea could jump from the status of a beggar to extreme wealth. For that reason, the future seems rosy and prosperous.

My Comment: This is the same American Dream! Everything was open before the first settlers who arrived in America. They were poor, but nothing was prohibited—by all means, do whatever you wish. Absolute freedom of enterprise. If you have the brains and an idea, all the routes were open to you. Today, it is no longer that easy. Money, language, and work permit—and you are a king.

Question: Nowadays, in different circles pursuing technological development, each person believes that they are next—they will make a career, earn billions, and start to live well. Is such faith realistic?

Answer: Today, this is still possible in high-tech since it is still held by the brilliance of the mind. There must be an idea. It can arise even in someone who is poor. Or in someone who has not even been educated, for example, like the student Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, the social networking site.

Brilliant ideas come more from Jews since their minds are arranged this way. They are intended for correct spiritual, not corporeal work. But for the time being they are not being used for their intended purpose.

Question: Are the prospects of implementing these ideas favorable from the point of view of the elite?

Answer: The elite know how to clip coupons from everything. If they were not interested in this, nothing would exist. They would have crushed everyone.

Who legalized drugs? At first they banned cigarettes: “They are so bad for you! We cannot agree with the fact that our society smokes.” And then they replaced them with drugs. In five or ten years, we will see how they will gradually get the entire population to be hooked on drugs.

Remark: I remember how in 2002 smoking was already forbidden in a hotel in Las Vegas and all the windows were closed. Back then it seemed so fantastic to me how much they were taking care of people’s health. And you said: “A strategic program is being implemented to replace smoking, which will transition into smoking drugs.”

My Comment: It was clear to see where this was heading. Nothing in the world happens just like that.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/7/17

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“The Strong Swallows The Weak”

laitman_272Baal HaSulam, The Writings of the Last Generation: It is a natural law that the diligent class will exploit the backward class as best they can, like fish at sea, where the strong swallows the weak.

Today we see how the elites of all countries cannot stop in spite of the fact that they have already stuffed their own pockets. No logic can explain why a man with 50 billion needs another 50.

The fact is that the infinitely growing egoism requires this. Therefore, a person cannot do anything with himself; he must follow this. The miserable elites are also controlled by their infinitely growing egoism and are obliged to reduce the entire population to poverty, leaving them not even a crust of bread!

On the other hand, this is unnatural. Even during times of slavery, it was never like this. A slave was expensive! The owner had to take care of him, treat him well, etc.

Now we are separated from the connection between master and slave. An entrepreneur does not care that there are millions of people behind the gates of his factories. He must extract everything out of them!
From Kab TV’s ”The Last Generation” 8/7/17

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Diligent And Prosperous

 Baal HaSulam, The Writings of the Last Generation: First, according to the development of the communist regimes, I find that the terms, “bourgeois” and “proletariat,” are no longer sufficient to explain that economic history, and we need more general terms. It is truer to divide society into a class of diligent and a class of backward.

In the bourgeois regimes, the diligent are the capitalists and the middle class. The backward are the workers who labor for them. In the communist regimes, the diligent are the managers, the supervisors, and the intellectuals, and the backward are the workers who labor for them.

Remark: Baal HaSulam places both capitalist and communist regimes in parallel, accentuating that in both of them there are diligent and backward people.

My Comment: This is given by nature. If I am diligent, smart, and fast, then under capitalism I find an appropriate place for myself and move forward. I bought two apples, washed and sold them, then I can buy four apples, etc. 

For example, during the great repatriation [in Israel], many intelligent, educated people who came from Russia had to sweep the streets in the beginning. But after a while they disappeared from sight. I asked my friend who worked in the municipality, “Where are these people?” He answered, “They are already working somewhere else.”

It means that unlike immigrants of the past years, these people quickly found their place here, and their children even more so. They were educated at local universities and began working in various institutions. This is being diligent and prosperous.
This is given by nature and nothing can be done here. However, among them there were those who quietly remained working in their places because they had no pressure from within.

That is, the egoistic level determines absolutely everything. A person either remains on the level of “food, sex, and family” or goes further to wealth, honor, control, and knowledge. This is the ladder that he climbs according to his natural desire.

In this respect, there is no difference between capitalism and communism. For a person who realizes himself in any society, even under a communist regime where everything is open for everyone, everything depends on his spiritual desire.

Remark: These seems to be simple truths, but none of the ideologists thought of it for some reason.

My Comment: The fact is that they are not based on natural egoism, they do not see it as a given. “How is it possible?! Everyone is free! Everybody is equal by nature. Freedom, equality, brotherhood!” They initially proceed from the fact that all people are equal. They do not understand that this is not so. How is it possible for two people to be the same? The one who talks about this does not understand anything about nature.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah each person is not only not equal to another, but he is unique! The right society differs from the wrong one by the fact that it seeks to provide to each person such a place, such an environment, such an opportunity, for his own realization that he is happy.

However, this is provided to him in accordance to his abilities and capabilities. He cannot say “I want to be a head of government!” Therefore, it is necessary to determine how to realize each one properly with the maximum benefit for him and for society.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/7/17

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The Economy Of The Last Generation

 Question: What is the economy of the last generation from Baal HaSulam’s point of view?

Answer: Let’s say, you need to provide absolutely all people with all necessities. You put together a list of about 20 to 30 of the most essential things a person needs starting with clothing, furniture, food, and ending with textbooks for children and all the rest. Take this list and see what you need.

This type of planned economy comes from necessity: “What, essentially, does a person need?” If a person is only concerned with thinking about inner spiritual connection with others and attains ever higher levels of spiritual states in this connection, then he requires all necessities for existence.

He needs to be provided with all the necessities because we are not living in the clouds, we are real people. A person needs to receive his calories, his clothing, his electricity, light, water, gas.

How are all these needs going to be fulfilled? For this to happen, there needs to be a planned economy. And in his work, a person must constantly think about being of maximum benefit to others.

Question: Is there a connection between the economy of the future and spiritual development?

Answer: Absolutely! The incentive changes.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation,” 7/31/17

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Scholarship Instead Of Welfare For Unemployment, Part 3

laitman_220Our time in history is distinct because now the ulcers that exist in the entire system are being revealed. And the problem is that humanity doesn’t know how to cure them. It is this specific cause that is shattering society.

One of its parts, especially the governing level, is interested in hiding these defects, as if they do not exist. Another part acknowledges that defects exist, but they are inevitable. And just a small part is ready to correct them.

In most recent times, evil is being revealed much more forcefully than before. The election of Donald Trump served as a litmus test demonstrating the defects of modern society. The dishonesty and corruption of mass media, the ruling parties, democracy, and liberalism became very clear.

But on the other hand, so far there is no alternative. And the main thing is that there is a lack of understanding of the fact that neither the right nor the left forces are able to govern, but only the middle line. The middle line must be higher than the other two. Both right and left are wrong, because both are egoists. We can’t say which of them is bad and which is good—they are both bad.

But if they unite and rise above their differences, above their egoism, covering all transgressions with love, then between them will be born a new world of the future. This world will appear as something midway between the left, which has already revealed all the defects of its liberal politics, and the right, who will begin to reveal them in Europe and in America now.

Attempts to institute guaranteed basic income without attaching mandatory integral education to it, will very quickly ignite huge problems in society. People will just go crazy about it.

A person feels very uncomfortable when his material life is not organized. On the animal level, he is built in such a way that he needs to exert energy, work, and earn his money for his bread. And if he does not work for his own food, it is very bad.

For example, look at the kind of upbringing the royal family of England gives their children. It would seem that a king’s son could simply do nothing. Nonetheless, he is sent to study on the same level as others. He cannot be left with nothing to do, he must work, he must study.

That is why simply giving welfare for poverty destroys the individual and brings on heavy consequences. But maybe this way of revealing evil will bring awareness of the need to adopt the program of integral education, which is offered by Kabbalah.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/3/16, Lesson on the Topic: “Mismah Arosa (Arosa Document),” “What Is to Be Done?”

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Scholarship Instead Of Welfare For Unemployment, Part 2

laitman_426The introduction of guaranteed basic income without its link to the system of integral education in which a person will be required to learn, will lead to terrible consequences. Left without any responsibilities and without work, a person becomes worse than an animal.

After all, the animal, if fed, will lie quietly and sleep, like in a zoo. But a person cannot live in a zoo, he needs to give way to his egoism, which is not present in animals.

And what will such a person do that has nothing to do? The results are obvious, it’s enough to visit “ghost towns” in the northern US, the former auto industry zone, which lost all its enterprises and left people without jobs.

In losing a job, a person must move to a new job, to become a student in integral education courses until the end of his life. And it should be explained that due to this, he performs the work: physical, educational, and civil. If instead of a lost salary he wants to receive a scholarship, then he must study.

In parallel to this study, it will be required to join the work necessary for society. Gradually, people will get used to this new style of work, where they learn and work together for common good. We have reached a new stage in the development of mankind, when people will need to work only where human participation is required, and machines will do everything else.

It is possible to implement such a pilot project in one city and check to see how much crime declines, the school situation improves, and the divorces diminish.

It will be a completely different life when we aren’t chasing money, trying to earn an extra thousand dollars, so that someone up there will makes on us another hundred thousand, but we will simply enjoy life: material and spiritual.

At the same time, there will be no need for modern economic models, only the most basic economic calculations will remain. Of course, it is difficult to expect that the stock exchange will gladly close, and the financial elite, several thousand of the richest families, will give their power away to all the others below.

But we do not need to know now how this will happen. It is only necessary to do everything possible to draw a little bit of Light that returns to the Source into human society, and the Light will do the rest.

Therefore, we do not need detailed plans for all actions; we are not going to do anything to change the world. We know only that it is necessary to establish an integral educational system and gradually add to it the work necessary for society.

I’m not going to solve all the problems now, and no Kabbalist would have done it. Our job is just to let the Light work.

Question: How can you persuade the authorities to adopt such a program that does not offer practical steps and criteria for their evaluation?

Answer: This program is the most practical one. You can take a ghost town like Detroit and see how much the maintenance of such a city costs the government and what harmful impact it has on the entire United States. And then check what will happen if we introduce a universal integral education to the city, backed up by a universal basic income.

Simply compare the costs and profits afterward, and the benefits will be obvious. After all, keeping a person in prison costs much more than giving him an integral education.

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