When Money Will Bring Happiness

961.2Comment: Recently, Margaret Loughrey, a resident of the Irish city of Straban, was found dead in her home in Northern Ireland. She was 56 years old.

In 2013, she won 27 million pounds in the lottery, purchased real estate, her house, a pub, and opened a recreation center for residents of the city. She planned to build affordable housing for residents on her land. She spent half of her winnings on charity.

But the recreation center was set on fire more than once. She received a suspended sentence for drunken rudeness. She later claimed that people stole millions from her. She said her lottery win “sent her to hell and back. Money has brought me nothing but grief. It has destroyed my life,” she told the Sunday Life. (Belfast Live)

My Response: Absolutely right.

Question: Why are such tests given to a person?

Answer: It’s a curse.

Comment: You mean, always when a lot of money is given, is it a curse?

My Response: Yes.

Question: Can a person cope with it somehow?

Answer: No. He is trying to do a good thing within the framework of his understanding of the world, maybe by giving away billions. But it won’t do any good.

Question: So it’s better to immediately give up this money, tear up the ticket, throw it away and that’s it?

Answer: A person is unable to do this. Imagine that you are brought a huge plate with gold coins or something else, and you win it all. And so you put it in your pocket, and there are still a few coins left on the plate, you won’t leave them.

Comment: What slaves we are after all! We can be bought so easily, literally!

My Response: Of course. It’s incredible!

Comment: Some conclusion should be drawn from all this.

My Response: Apart from education, broad, correct education world-wide, I don’t see any solution. None at all!

Question: And if a person is brought up in love your neighbor as yourself, how will he act in case of winning, say a huge amount of money?

Answer: You see, she did all sorts of good things. But people set fire to these places. Because it goes beyond people’s normal understanding of how the world should be arranged. She was envied. It didn’t fit into their ideology.

Comment: You give us charity, and we don’t need it they would say. Look at yourself instead!

My Response: How many such cases have there been with good people… what was done to them. This is human nature.

Question: What do you think, from the height of a well-mannered person, how will he look at the huge amount he receives?

Answer: It was given to him by God in order to bring people closer to God, to the Creator, to develop in people at least some semblance of love. But what will you do? Will you open Sunday schools in Northern Ireland? They are all there already.

Comment: But you yourself said that it is necessary to bring people closer to love and immediately say that this is impossible.

My Response: All this is possible only within the framework of a very serious, meaningful, properly planned Kabbalistic education. A certain development of man and humanity is still necessary. It will be when they realize, through the huge problems they are in that are unsolvable, in fact, problems of humanity, that they have no cure for these problems, except for connection among themselves.

Question: What would have happened if this money had been given for purpose of the connection of humanity?

Answer: There are no such people. There is not even such an organization that could properly account for such amounts, there are no people who would listen. Other conditions are needed for this.

Question: What is your conclusion then?

Answer: Do not give. Do not ignite this in a person. Personally, I ask you not to offer me such sums.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/23/21

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