In The Abyss Of Egoism

592.03Question: When I plunge into myself, in stillness, in silence, I suddenly see some kind of multidimensionality and myself inside. This evokes a feeling of fear. I kind of open my eyes and do not understand where it all fits.

But listening to you, I remember that I am a black box with five holes through which I discover the world. And what I consider to be the world around me happens in this box. Where am I plunging into?

Answer: Into yourself, into your box. You never get out of it at all and you will not be able to get out. And even when we say that you should come out of it, rise above it, this is said figuratively.

When you master your egoism and start to manipulate it as you want, then you can say that you are, so to say, rising above it. Yet, this is not an ascent above the ego itself but simply working with it with your willpower, your decisions.

I hope you will continue to study and discover all this inside yourself much more clearly.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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