Three Stages Of Spiritual Development

527.03Question: Does the level of Nefesh (the first spiritual degree) have any connection with Ruach (spirit) and Neshama (soul)?

Answer: Nefesh is the initial stage I must be on in order to fully work it out. After I achieve complete connection with the Creator that is inanimate from my side, and I will definitely feel that there is nothing but this, I will be able to say: “Yes, this is my mother, my mother nature! It is eternal, perfect, with a huge plan for my development along with the rest of mankind.”

At the same time, I want to associate myself with this plan, to develop in unison with it, I agree to this. Then I can be born and start my more conscious development outside of this mother.

Such birth characterizes the degree of my independence, that is, the next step Ruach, when I begin to move a little.

And after this comes the stage of Neshama, which I am already developing in my likeness to the Creator. I, as a small child, take an example from Him, learn from an adult and become more and more equal to him in the quality of bestowal. I am learning to get out of myself more and more, to bestow, to love my neighbor.

Having learned this, I enter the world of Atzilut. Atzilut is the stage of complete similarity to the Creator. There is a serious growth and I consciously understand who the Creator is, I am opposite Him as a partner.

This state is called spiritual union, merging: I offer the Creator all my desires, and He forms and fills them.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #19

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