All You Need To Know About The 613 Desires

hopeA question I received: Please make a list of all the 613 desires that exist in a person, one by one.

My Answer: Just like that, you’d like me to describe all 613 desires in detail? But what for? Not a single one of them exists in you yet! They are revealed in a person after he crosses the Machsom, during his spiritual ascent. These are one’s desires to feel pleasure from the Creator, as it is written, “Taste and see how good the Creator is.”

By revealing the Creator, you begin to feel Him as 613 pleasures or delights. First you feel them in the intention to enjoy Him for your own sake (ABYA of the Klipot), and then you correct these to the intention of “for His sake.” Our language does not enable us to express or describe these desires, because we don’t have them.

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  1. Can you point out which texts deal in depth with the 125 states of ascent back to the Creator?

  2. So how do we know there are exactly 613 desires? Where do we get that number from?

  3. Why does he always avoid to answer the most important questions?

    he could even says one of this desires.

  4. My intuition many times confirmed, that he deliberately hides much of the secrets and truths from us as he thinks it will only scare or confuse us. I can understand this as you need to think of the masses first.

  5. If the Rav would write them down, then the intellect would say, ” Good of have knowledge of the Creator” and what need do I have for Him now. It is so much more emotional and personal when through your yearning these 613 desires blossom within your soul (desire for the Creators Light). Continue to read the books and the lectures, and the surrounding Light will nurture your vessel and adorn it with the screen (intention) to bestow to the Creator.

    Have faith that the Creator will reveal His name to you, the kingdom of God is within you. Walk to that Great River inside…..Zier Anpin….the Kingdom of Heaven within you.

  6. Dr. Laitman is right. You’ll understand why, once you’ve read his books, which I have.

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