This Blog Is Now Available In Hungarian

The blog, “Kabbalah, Science and the Meaning of Life” is now available in Hungarian:

Kabbala és az élet értelme – Michael Laitman személyes blogja


A huge thank you from all of us at Bnei Baruch to our Hungarian friends! Let’s continue advancing together toward goodness!

Kabbalah Today – Issue #17

Issue #17 of the Kabbalah Today publication is now available:


PDF version
Microsoft Word Version

Second Conversation With Leonid Makaron On The Financial Crisis

I had another conversation that was recorded about the reasons for the financial crisis with Mr. Leonid Makaron, the Director General of the largest Russian media holding company “Pronto Moscow,” Vice President of the “The Russian Periodical Press Publishers Guild,” a professor and scientific adviser of the advertisement and marketing chair at the Moscow State University of Press.


Read a transcript of the conversation

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My Article In The Mexican Magazine “Publiska”

The Mexican magazine “Publiska” has published another one of my articles on the freedom of will:


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The Black Hole

My Comment: “Don’t take more than you need.” Our absolute egoism begets an extreme phenomenon in nature: egoism’s development leads to its own demise.

In the beginning of creation, a spark of the Upper Light gave birth to an infinitely tiny point of infinitely dense matter. However, this point contained the Upper, spiritual energy, and therefore it began to expand. The energy of this spark animates our entire world.

Today we have developed to reach the global egoism at its highest level, called “speaking” or “human.” We must now bring it to equivalence with the Upper Nature, with the spark of Light and the Upper World.

New Spanish Blog For Children

chileIn every Latin American country, there are groups and individuals who study Kabbalah and work together with us on its development and dissemination. The largest and strongest group of our friends is situated in Chile. Ingrid Solyar from the Chile group has created this friendly, colorful blog for children.