The Crisis Will Last As Long As Necessary

lastNews Report (from Columbia Journalism Review): Those hoping for a quick rebound are likely to be disappointed. Economists and other pros generally say home prices won’t bottom out before the second half of 2009, and some don’t see a bottom until 2011 or 2012. Even when they stop falling, prices may scrape along the bottom of the rut for years.

Dowell Myers, a professor of urban planning and demography at the University of Southern California, warns that the retirement of boomers over the next two decades is likely to depress house prices in many areas. … there will be a lot more sellers than buyers.

So how long will this crisis last?

My Comment: There’s an expression in Latin: Quantum satis – “as much as necessary.” For example, it can be used to designate an unspecified amount of dilution, where the intended meaning is: as much as can be absorbed, or as much as will suffice.

So, the crisis will continue until we realize that it is but an expression of our mutual, shared egoism, and that the only way to come out of it is by correcting our egoism. Hence, time won’t heal us, but will only bring greater crises. For instance:

News Report: 11,000 delegates from 185 countries have gathered at the The United Nations Climate Change Conference, where scientists are expressing the concern that mankind has a time table of only one year to develop a realistic plan to save the Earth from the fatal consequences of global warming.

My Comment: It’s possible that we will experience several different manifestations of the crisis at the same time. That’s because there is only one underlying cause for all the crises: our egoistic relationships, which can only be corrected by the Light that descends during the study of Kabbalah. So study and watch Kabbalah TV. This is not an advertisement, but advice! Kabbalah tells us about our corrected states. When you study them (whether by reading, hearing or watching), you come in contact with those states and draw energy from them onto yourself, or in other words, you draw the Light from those corrected states. This Light corrects you, and then the crisis disappears!

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The Financial Crisis Pales In Comparison To The Looming Ecological Crisis

The Right Path Is Paved With Confusion Together With ClarityNews Report (translated from Following the economists, who are predicting a total crash of the current global financial system, the ecologists are sending out another warning. The World Wildlife Fund warns that the number of plant and animal species has been reduced by up to 50%. The possibility of a financial recession pales in comparison to the looming ecological credit crunch.

My Comment: This is the next plague of Egypt, but first it will be preceded by unemployment and hunger! We have to go through all ten plagues! However, we can also go through them in another way, “smoothly,” by evoking the Upper Light upon ourselves.

News Report (from World Wildlife Fund): “Humanity’s demands exceed our planet’s capacity to sustain us” According to the Living Planet Report 2008, the world is on the brink of exhausting the earth’s natural resources. Humanity’s demands for resources exceed the planet’s capacity to sustain us by 30%. By the mid-2030s we will need the equivalent of 2 planets to maintain our lifestyles.

My Comment: Over the course of the next ten years, humanity will have to decide whether it wants to take the path of correcting its nature – and then Nature’s treatment of us will change instantly, or to start a war of annihilation. This won’t be a war of conquest, but of annihilation, because it will be necessary to annihilate up to 90% of the world’s population.

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Individuality And Uniqueness Are Realized By Merging With The Creator

mergingA question I received: You always taught that Kabbalah is a path of individual spiritual development, but now it seems like it requires an individual to dissolve in the mass of humanity.

My Answer: I will answer with a quote from Nikolai Berdyaev’s “Philosophy of Creativity, Culture and Art” (V.1, p.115, M., 1994):

“Freedom of individualism does not create the cosmos but opposes the cosmos. Freedom of individualism is the freedom to separate and be alienated from the world, and separation from the world makes one a slave of the world. For an individualist, the world is always oppressing.

Individualism lowers a person, suppressing the global, universal human essence. The individualist is an enemy of individuality. A person is an organic member of the global cosmic hierarchy and the wealth of his internality is directly proportionate to his connection with the cosmos.”

By working to serve the entire system of souls – the only thing that was created by the Creator, a person merges with this system. It becomes his, and in fact – it becomes him. He then merges with the Creator, realizing his individuality and uniqueness.

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Only The Creator’s Revelation Can Correct The World

drugsWithout a doubt, every kind of suffering comes from the concealment of the Creator. Therefore His revelation will be the answer to the crisis.

Kabbalah states that the revelation of the Creator fills a person with pleasure and the sensation of eternity. How does the Creator become revealed to a person? Gradually, through the influence of the Upper Light that is drawn during the study of Kabbalah.

And don’t be surprised that one person can cause an ascent or a descent of the whole world, for there is a law that states: “The particular and the general are equal.”

In our times there is a need for Mutual Guarantee between all the people in the world. Hence, a global education is the biggest priority compared to all other issues.

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How Do You Choose The Correct Environment?

The Condition of Entering the Upper World Is Mutual GuaranteeTwo questions I received on choosing the correct environment:

Question: After reading the article “The Freedom” and other articles about the environment, I came to the conclusion that the environment is pivotal to one’s development and attainment. What should I do if I’m not sure that I’ve chosen the right environment and the right group?

My Answer: Keep studying and discerning this! Don’t rely on your own opinion nor the opinion of those around you. The answers should come on their own, from within you (from the Creator), without any external influence and without you eating yourself. Read Baal HaSulam and wait for the answer!

Question (from a woman): I would really like to understand what it means to “build your environment.” Should I look for the correct environment within the Kabbalistic group, meaning an environment within an environment, based on the principle that those who don’t give me joy and inspiration are not advancing along the right path and it’s best to avoid them?

My Answer: For a woman, there’s no such thing as a group; there’s only the environment. In it she interacts with the women she feels closest to. And she isn’t obliged to do anything more than that.

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