The Financial Crisis Pales In Comparison To The Looming Ecological Crisis

The Right Path Is Paved With Confusion Together With ClarityNews Report (translated from Following the economists, who are predicting a total crash of the current global financial system, the ecologists are sending out another warning. The World Wildlife Fund warns that the number of plant and animal species has been reduced by up to 50%. The possibility of a financial recession pales in comparison to the looming ecological credit crunch.

My Comment: This is the next plague of Egypt, but first it will be preceded by unemployment and hunger! We have to go through all ten plagues! However, we can also go through them in another way, “smoothly,” by evoking the Upper Light upon ourselves.

News Report (from World Wildlife Fund): “Humanity’s demands exceed our planet’s capacity to sustain us” According to the Living Planet Report 2008, the world is on the brink of exhausting the earth’s natural resources. Humanity’s demands for resources exceed the planet’s capacity to sustain us by 30%. By the mid-2030s we will need the equivalent of 2 planets to maintain our lifestyles.

My Comment: Over the course of the next ten years, humanity will have to decide whether it wants to take the path of correcting its nature – and then Nature’s treatment of us will change instantly, or to start a war of annihilation. This won’t be a war of conquest, but of annihilation, because it will be necessary to annihilate up to 90% of the world’s population.

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