Crisis Or Not, We Have To Disseminate Kabbalah

The Creator Will Become Revealed Inside the Unity of Our Virtual Meeting SpaceThree questions I received on disseminating the wisdom of Kabbalah:

Question: You have advocated the importance of disseminating the wisdom of Kabbalah by promulgating it through Congresses and other available means. It seems as if you have intensified efforts toward this goal. Does the reason for this elevated urgency and efforts stem from a personal knowledge of impending and imminent blows and disaster that you want to avert and that you do not want to yet reveal to us?

My Answer: I don’t make anything up myself. I’m only passing on what was written by my great teachers, Baal HaSulam and his oldest son and successor, Rabash. Everything I say only repeats the thoughts expressed in their writings, which we study every day.

So even if we weren’t witnessing a crisis and people weren’t aspiring to Kabbalah, I would nonetheless be obligated to disseminate Kabbalah, according to the instructions of my teachers. Everything we’re seeing is only meant to help us disseminate – to show us the best, most efficient way of doing it.

Question: I live in America. For the last half a year I’ve been trying to dedicate every day to the science of Kabbalah. I work in the financial sector. Americans are waking up and are looking for answers. How can I give them an explanation of what’s happening without mentioning the Creator or Kabbalah, since this pushes them away? Instead can I use general notions like the laws of nature and so on?

My Answer: That is exactly what we’re trying to do. You should contact our English Department to find out more about participating in the dissemination of Kabbalah in America. After the February 2009 Congress, we are planning to visit New York to begin a series of meetings with American mass media.

Question: Is every means acceptable for disseminating Kabbalah? For instance, could one use mass mailings such as spam, which is not really legal in some countries?

My Answer: I don’t know anything about how effective this method is. However, if you have a person who’s in critical condition, then there’s no choice but to use any means possible to save him. After all, we’re not a commercial enterprise! If something is beneficial, then it should be done.

However, all of these questions must be decided at our center. So please contact our Marketing Department Manager.

Of course, personally I’m in favor of using legal methods, because the law symbolizes whatever the Creator desires at a given time.

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We Must Cure The Crisis By Any Means Possible

A New Year's Wish to the WorldA question I received: In the article, “Building the Future Society,” in item 18 of section 3, “Principles of the Future Society,” Baal HaSulam lists three fundamental principles of disseminating Kabbalah in the world:

1. Satisfaction of Desires; 2. Proof; 3. Circulation.

From your lessons I’ve understood that in our time of an escalating crisis, the method of “Proof” is the most suitable. But what is your opinion about the method of “circulation” (agitation and propaganda)? Is it necessary in order to accelerate the dissemination of Kabbalah?

My Answer: When we’re dealing with a patient who has a deadly illness, we use any means possible to save him. Similarly, if we are in a situation that threatens the world’s existence, we must use any means possible to prevent the suffering, ruin and death. However, in our case, circulation (agitation and propaganda, as you put it) must be a non-coercive explanation of the fact that we won’t survive without using the method of Kabbalah. The dissemination of Kabbalah must be general, directed at everyone rather than at specific individuals. We cannot try to scare people into it, because in order for a person to correct himself, he must gain an awareness of the reality.

The correction of one’s egoism (one’s nature) is the only truly conscious act a person can make in this world, because he does it through understanding and comparing this world with the spiritual world! All other actions are made only from one’s understanding of the egoistic world and false gain, where one is entirely controlled by one’s egoism, like a puppet.

Hence, it is written about people who haven’t yet begun analyzing their nature and comparing it with the Upper Nature: “They are all like beasts.” It’s because “Man” (Adam) means “To be similar to the Creator.” It is also written, “Let us make man in our image and likeness” – from the beginning. After this man’s ruin (the downfall of sin) occurred, and this is what we must correct.

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The Mysteries Of Our Perception

ourNews Report (translated from Dr. Y. Danilov from the Tactile Communication & Neurorehabilitation Lab at the University of Wisconsin, reports that a device called TVS (Tactile-Vision Substitution System) has been developed. It works like this:

A video camera relays an image into a computer, which converts it to a black and white image. This image is then transferred to a flat matrix that is placed on a blind person’s tongue, which then receives the image in the form of electric impulses. The tongue relays the signal into the brain, enabling the blind person to see the objects around him and to find his way around space. As a result, a person who is absolutely blind can see his surroundings. He can walk around, read, play Tic-Tac-Toe, and recognize faces. This scientifically proves the words of the famous researcher, Paul Bach-y-Rita, who used to say, “We see with the brain, not with the eyes.”

My Comment: If you read what the science of Kabbalah has been saying about the perception of reality ever since Adam revealed the Upper Reality, nearly 6000 years ago, you will discover that Kabbalists knew about this for a very long time. They use the “external vision” to perceive and research the Upper World, which is perceived in “our brain” just like this world is.

The next scientific discovery in the field of perception will be that our brain is but a detector, whereas perception (sensation) isn’t happening in the brain, but outside of it, in the “desire.” The desire bears no relation to our body and is found beyond the earthly matter. We perceive everything in our soul.

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“Basic Concepts In Kabbalah” Is a Bestseller In Lithuania

This week the book Kabala. Pagrindiniai Teiginiai, a Lithuanian translation of the book Basic Concepts in Kabbalah, became one of the top ten best sellers in the central book store, “Akademine knyga” (The Academic Book).

lit-kniga-kabala-tarp-perkamiausiu_2_w lit-kniga-kabala-tarp-perkamiausiu_3_w

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Kabbalah Is A Science About The Upper World

First Become a Scientist, and Then You Can Speak Against ScienceTwo questions I received on Kabbalah’s relation to other sciences:

Question: When you say Kabbalah is a science, do you mean in the ancient sense of the word? That is, Kabbalah is a body of knowledge (either practical or theoretical wisdom)? Or are you using it in a more modern way: Kabbalah is like chemistry, biology, and geology?

My Answer: Kabbalah reveals the nature of the Upper Light to us. A spark of this Light caused an explosion that created our entire Universe and everything that fills it: the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature, including the animate part of humans.

By studying the foundations of everything that exists – matter (desire) and the Light (pleasure), we learn the basis of all the objects and phenomena in our world. For more on this, see the article, “Kabbalah as a Root of All Sciences,” and Part 1 of Talmud Eser Sefirot – Inner Observation.

Question: Kabbalah is not philosophy, but is one philosophy more compatible with it than another? Are there any truths found in philosophy even if they only speak of this world?

My Answer: There is no truth in philosophy because it engages in questions that it has invented for itself, or it tries to answer questions based on suppositions that are unrelated to practical experience (it tries to speak about the “abstract form”).

Even when philosophy speaks about our world, it doesn’t reason about it practically. That is to say, it speaks about something as a form or essence that’s separate from matter. Kabbalah, on the other hand, speaks of the form or essence inside matter and about the form of the matter (see the “Introduction to the Book of Zohar”). Therefore, all the philosophical conclusions made throughout all of human history were erroneous at worst, or imprecise at best. See Baal HaSulam’s articles on this topic.

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