Crisis Or Not, We Have To Disseminate Kabbalah

The Creator Will Become Revealed Inside the Unity of Our Virtual Meeting SpaceThree questions I received on disseminating the wisdom of Kabbalah:

Question: You have advocated the importance of disseminating the wisdom of Kabbalah by promulgating it through Congresses and other available means. It seems as if you have intensified efforts toward this goal. Does the reason for this elevated urgency and efforts stem from a personal knowledge of impending and imminent blows and disaster that you want to avert and that you do not want to yet reveal to us?

My Answer: I don’t make anything up myself. I’m only passing on what was written by my great teachers, Baal HaSulam and his oldest son and successor, Rabash. Everything I say only repeats the thoughts expressed in their writings, which we study every day.

So even if we weren’t witnessing a crisis and people weren’t aspiring to Kabbalah, I would nonetheless be obligated to disseminate Kabbalah, according to the instructions of my teachers. Everything we’re seeing is only meant to help us disseminate – to show us the best, most efficient way of doing it.

Question: I live in America. For the last half a year I’ve been trying to dedicate every day to the science of Kabbalah. I work in the financial sector. Americans are waking up and are looking for answers. How can I give them an explanation of what’s happening without mentioning the Creator or Kabbalah, since this pushes them away? Instead can I use general notions like the laws of nature and so on?

My Answer: That is exactly what we’re trying to do. You should contact our English Department to find out more about participating in the dissemination of Kabbalah in America. After the February 2009 Congress, we are planning to visit New York to begin a series of meetings with American mass media.

Question: Is every means acceptable for disseminating Kabbalah? For instance, could one use mass mailings such as spam, which is not really legal in some countries?

My Answer: I don’t know anything about how effective this method is. However, if you have a person who’s in critical condition, then there’s no choice but to use any means possible to save him. After all, we’re not a commercial enterprise! If something is beneficial, then it should be done.

However, all of these questions must be decided at our center. So please contact our Marketing Department Manager.

Of course, personally I’m in favor of using legal methods, because the law symbolizes whatever the Creator desires at a given time.

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