The Spiritual Path Is Paved With Descents Followed By Ascents

wiseTwo questions I received on work with spiritual descents:

Question: Sometimes I get this horrible feeling that everything I have in this life (my job, family, health, the world I live in) is about to collapse, and this feeling changes my outlook on life. How do we use such states?

My Answer: You should begin to understand that the birth of a new state occurs only through this path of “descents and ascents.”

Question: What is the meaning of “falling in order to rise”? If a person suddenly starts doing things he would never have done before, is this a descent?

My Answer: If this person studied Kabbalah in his free time, then this is a case of an increased egoism. It is written, “If one is higher than others, his egoism is greater than theirs.” This is talking about “falling in order to rise.” This is the correct process of revealing our nature! The benefit of this is that one needs an enormous desire in order to attain the Creator, and this is how such a desire gets created. This period will pass and be followed by a spiritual ascent. It will then be replaced by another descent, and so on – all the way until the full correction, the highest degree.

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A New TV Series

A few days ago I met with one of our external groups from Israel. There are many groups like this in Israel, but due to the opening of our new TV channel, we did not have meetings with them until recently. Now we can start inviting them again and together produce another TV series comprised of short lessons.

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The Evil Eye Is Our Own Egoism

Why Do We Feel Suffering?A question I received: What is “the evil eye”?

My Answer: When I look at others, my egoism evokes feelings of envy, hatred, and a desire for power. I don’t wish others well, or at least I don’t want them to do better than me. If I wish them well and want them to succeed, then it’s only in order for everyone to see that I’m even more successful.

Since we’re all interconnected, this “evil eye,” or this desire, influences others. Our life is a proof of that. This is what my teacher Rabash explained. Our desires work for us or against us, since we’re connected in a single system. Our desires “wander” inside this system, and we can’t escape our influence on everyone and their influence on us. Our thoughts about one another and about the world as a whole have produced our mutilated world and our sick society. We are the cause of all our suffering.

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