Levels Of Attaining The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is the unity of the vessel of the general soul expressed?

Answer: The vessel itself is the unity. A vessel isn’t seven billion parts, but the connection between them. The connection between me and all the others is my spiritual vessel.

By establishing a relationship with you I restrict my ego and begin to treat you in bestowal and love and discover the Creator in our relationship and thus bring Him contentment. I know that I bring Him contentment by treating you well. It says, “from the love of the created beings to the love of the Creator.”

So I had to choose you and to start loving you although I didn’t want to. I thought that you had nothing to do with me, but I do it only for the goal, which you raise so high that it gives me enough power to begin to fix my relations with you.

When I begin to restrict my ego and to treat you with love, when I do it in order to bring contentment to the Creator, the Creator, the upper force, is revealed in our relationship. But in the meantime He is revealed on the level of the still nature, Nefesh. I begin to feel His presence, which is passive for now. After all, the extent to which I discover Him is up to me.

Then I develop my attitude towards you in order to bring even greater contentment to the Creator and discover in our relationship the Light on the next level, on the vegetative level, Ruach. I begin to feel that I, you, and the Creator are changing and advancing in our relationship. There is a kind of vitality in it, support and mutuality that fills me with life.

There is someone I can mutually cooperate with; I am not facing a wall. Then I continue to develop my relationship with you in order to bring contentment to the Creator on the level of Ruach, to learn this like a flower that lives and dies, that responds to the sunlight, to day and night. I discover that I can revive this love and to feel what weakens or deteriorates it.

Thus I develop my sensitivity and rise to the next level, to the level of the animate. This means that I am already independent to some extent. I don’t just respond to different conditions, I can also move from place to place and give birth to new life. I begin to feel more and more deeply the desire to receive that I have discovered before, and I see I can continue working with it, to change it and to generate new actions and to be independent as the animate level should be. I begin to feel the Creator as the Light of life.

Then I build the relationship until the level of the speaking and attain self-management from the Creator. It’s just like in our world when a child grows up and becomes old enough not to be under his parents’ supervision. In the same way, the more I do that, the more I resemble the Creator and merge with Him. It’s because I begin to perform His part and by that become totally independent. The Creator doesn’t control me; I perform this function by myself.

It all depends on how much we work with our desire to receive. Only in it do we discover all of reality, by penetrating deeper into it and discerning more and more details there. Thus you will suddenly discover the spiritual world in this world. It was here all along, but you simply lacked the sensitivity to see it. Your detector didn’t have enough determination; it didn’t have the desired frequency range to perceive the spiritual world.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/9/12, The Study of the Ten Sefirot 

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