Existing Inside Egoism

608.01Question: A person thinks that he creates with his thoughts, that he engages in some kind of work, and that he exists. But in fact, he is in an illusion. Is there a point a person can cling to in order to get out of it?

Answer: What do you need it for?! Why do you need to know what the meaning of your life is, what you make on your own, and what comes from above? Why do you, an egoist, want to know this too? Have you not spoiled this poor Earth enough with your egoistic knowledge?

Question: Isn’t the thought “What do I live for?”, in principle, the only thing that is important for a person?

Answer: Of course. But still, the thought will not give you anything. You will not be able to attain and reach it while you are in your petty egoistic state, only if you rise above it.

Question: Is it possible to rise above this state by relying on our thoughts, on the intellect?

Answer: No. No way! No mind, no intellect, no qualities given to you from the earthly nature is enough to get you out of yourself.

To do this, there must be an entire exit system where you part with your egoism and rise above it.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 6/13/21

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