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A Habit That Leads To A Wonderful Life

929Question: What would you recommend for a person to acquire a habit that helps in his spiritual development?

Answer: I would advise everyone to understand that we all are in one system, we depend on each other, and even if we do not think so, do not feel it, and do not see it, still imagine that we are completely dependent on each other. As a matter of fact, when we feel our dependence on each other, the habit will greatly help each of us.

A person must build a speculative picture that he depends on everyone, and everyone depends on him. Therefore, it makes no sense for him to think badly of anyone in the world and to try to somehow break away from them. On the contrary, with all his strength he must try and want all the people to understand a common connection.

Then he will act correctly for himself and for others. He will not make mistakes in life; he will always do the right thing. After all, the highest management of nature—when it is common—requires this from us.

Comment: But to imagine the world in this way is a huge effort.

My Response: If we try to maintain a global, integral picture of our world in this way, it will be easier for us.

Question: To make such a huge effort, it is necessary to show the huge pleasures that I can receive for these efforts. What are these pleasures?

Answer: Even the very fact that this is true already means a lot, but our egoism does not allow us to do it. We would not be spoiling nature, human society would not harm each other and would not develop means of destruction, etc. We could live perfectly well on our planet if we just had a correct idea of what is happening to us.

The right habit can lead us to wonderful existence. It consists of imagining that we are in a common system of complete interconnection—I am absolutely interconnected with all the people in the world, and I need to think only about them, not about myself.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/25/21

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Everyone Can Study Kabbalah

939.02Question: Why is there an opinion that women should not be taught Kabbalah?

Answer: Kabbalah in general was not taught to anyone. Throughout the millennia of its development, it was used only for a small period of time about 3,500 years ago. Since then, it stopped being practiced by people.

With the destruction of the First Temple, Kabbalah fell out of common use. It only existed for several decades during the wandering in the desert on the way from Egypt to the land of Israel.

With the destruction of the First Temple, it already started to erode from the people, and after the destruction of the Second Temple, it almost completely stopped being understood what it is and remained only as a destiny for individual Kabbalists.

But from what we study, it is clear that, on one hand, this is the path of individual development when a person—man or woman—individually enters into such contact with others in which they create a common group.

In it, according to a certain method, they achieve absolutely complete inner spiritual contact, rise above their “I” and begin to feel as “we” instead of “I.” That is, “we” is their common, collective “I.” And in this collective “I,” in this multifaceted connection between them, they see a new force, a new quality—the quality of mutual bestowal and love.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference“

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Are Kabbalistic Revelations Accidental?

226Question: In science many discoveries are made by chance. That is, they are supposed to discover one thing, and instead they discover something completely different. For example, Columbus wanted to discover Asia, and discovered America. Penicillin, dark matter, etc. were also discovered serendipitously.

Can we say that the revelations in Kabbalah are also accidental?

Answer: On the one hand, a person who is studying Kabbalah constantly reveals something new, unexpected, and unpredictable. On the other hand, the actual method according to which this is revealed is known. There is only one condition in it—ascent above one’s own egoism.

Moreover, only the person who performs this ascent makes revelations. Everything he attains cannot be seen and understood by anyone else unless the other person also does the same.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/2/21

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Why Can’t We Reveal The Creator Directly?

934Question: Why is it not possible to directly reveal not only the Creator, but also many phenomena in the world, except through some intermediary?

Answer: It is not about the intermediary, but about the way I can create some likeness to this force within myself. From what can I create these states?

Therefore, Kabbalah says that the most reliable thing is to form a detector within yourself for detection of the Creator. This is possible only when you connect with several people and build the same relationship with them as His relation to each of us.

We cannot feel Him, we do not have the quality of bestowal, influence, or emanation. However, if we create such quality between us in a small circle, then we begin to reveal in them the influence of the Creator on us.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/2/21

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How To Love Others If You Don’t Know How To Love Yourself?

531.02Question from Facebook: How can you love others if you don’t know how to love yourself?

Answer: You love yourself too much, and if you want to begin to feel the world that is external to you, you need practice loving others.

When you love others, you develop the attribute of bestowal, the attribute of true love, and you switch from self love to the love of others and thus begin to feel what is really outside of you. Outside yourself is immense light, the upper world, an eternal state that you are being led to.
From KabTV’s “ Questions And Answer on Facebook” 3/10/19

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 7/20/21

Preparation to the Lesson

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Lesson on the Topic “Growing Further in Order to Grow Closer”

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Lesson on the Topic “Introduction to The Book of Zohar, Item 41″

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A Book Is Knowledge That Is Around Us

527.07Question: Now we are experiencing a crisis of book reading, it is a dying culture. How can you help a person who doesn’t like to read?

Answer: It seems to me that the era of books is ending because it has exhausted itself. This is not my personal opinion. Unfortunately, I am stating a fact. I myself, like you, grew up reading books. Naturally, for us, a book is everything.

But today I see that what is happening is just a law of nature, a natural process. When did humanity have books? 2,500 years ago. There are, of course, more ancient books from Babylon that are 3,500 years old.

But, in principle, in the era of ancient Israel between the First and Second Temples, that is, minus 3,000 years ago, no books were written. Talmudists and other teachers forced their students to just listen.

Question: But maybe the book will take on a new form?

Answer: A book is the knowledge that is around us, in the atmosphere, in all of nature, in the light, in the stars, in the sky, in everything. If we can connect to nature, we will reveal this book for ourselves, and start feeling it in us; we will read it. This is what is meant by the concept of “book.”

And before the manuscripts appeared, no one wrote anything down. Students had to sit, listen, and only connect to a certain amount of knowledge. And the teacher taught them how to connect.

Kabbalah says that in our head we have nothing but a reading device, and all knowledge, all information is around us, it is virtual.

Therefore, it seems to me that the age of books in print is coming to an end, and we are approaching a different kind of books that affords the opportunity to directly connect to the volume of information that exists in nature. This is the same book, but in a different form.

Comment: I have been to Prague many times. One of my favorite places there is the old synagogue and cemetery. But what struck me was that the Torah books were buried there.

My Response: Yes. The Torah can neither be burned nor destroyed; it is necessary to bury it as we do with people.

Comment: That is, a book is a living organism, you cannot communicate with it imprudently, it can do both good and evil. Another matter is that it changes shape, it may be different. But I believe that the main goal of a person who starts his life is to become a person of the book.

My Response: I have no idea how this is possible today. We need to adapt somehow. Therefore, I use my own approach, I explain the nature of man, how we can change it, and at the same time comprehend its deeper, inner layers.
From KabTV’s “Together About the Main Thing” 7/18/18

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