Build Your Spiritual Self Above The Corporeal Self

608.01Question: According to Kabbalah, in order to develop spiritually, meaning to change the intention from egoistic to altruistic, one must change one’s nature. How does one develop such a habit?

Answer: This appears not as a habit, but as an urgent necessity due to the fact that a person sees how evil his nature is. Only for this reason does he consciously decide to change it.

At first, he comes to this purely egotistically because he sees that it will be better for him if he acts in this way. He wants to know about his life, death, purpose of existence, and the way to obtain something greater and to learn during this lifetime, the so-called celestial mechanics that control and correct him. He wants to rise above others, to feel that he is creating.

When he begins to go deeper into this, he sees that he can really be higher than others, greater than others, and not for an evil purpose. He just wants to see, to know, to create. From what Kabbalah explains, it becomes clear to him that this can be done only by acquiring new qualities—the qualities of bestowal and love—qualities that are above the ordinary human being.

Gradually, he begins to understand that, in general, this is probably impossible. He is going through a very serious period when he must overcome himself, force himself to move on, in order to receive from his studies with nature, from his relations to nature, a special energy that will change him, correct him, and raise him above egoism. In this way, a person builds a spiritual self above the corporeal self.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/25/21

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