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“4th Of July, Happy Interdependence Day America!” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “4th of July, Happy Interdependence Day America!

As America celebrates its 245th Independence Day, the United States faces two serious threats: the Covid-19 pandemic and its recent Delta variant and record-breaking extreme heat waves in North America. On this important occasion I wish for America to overcome its challenges by building a safer nation that is resistant to all the phenomena from nature and the polarization within society. They need to properly realize their power and make good changes within the country if they want to thrive.

North America is boiling, literally. The traditional 4th of July fireworks displays have been postponed or canceled in certain locales due to heat indices and drought conditions. There are also recommendations to stay indoors. In Portland and Seattle, temperatures reached a record high of 116 degrees Fahrenheit. Health authorities in British Columbia, Canada also reported unbearable temperatures that caused the deaths of at least 700 Canadians.

We should not conceive these blows in North America as punishment. For instance, I do not see Americans as the worst people that have made terrible mistakes or committed some injustices that made them deserve this. It is natural for the whole continent and, actually, the whole world to experience extreme weather.

The world has been evolving and has now reached a new stage of development, a completely different level; humanity must fully recognize the unity of nature as a holistic system, one whole. We need to comprehend that the state of nature depends on the relationships between human beings, the highest level in the pyramid of nature, which influences the rest of the system: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human itself.

Therefore, if we try to build a balanced system of human relations, all of nature will calm down. The comprehensive solution to the ecological and social dangers we face lies in efforts toward global connection in which we will feel how dependent we are on everyone. Therefore, we will think twice before engaging in any ill-treatment of anyone else.

So how do blows help us advance? Americans are so proud of their independence, more than and above all other countries, and now they are entering the process of testing their own independence, their values, what they are independent from, and what is worth dreaming of. I think it is the beginning of a long and extraordinarily special learning process that will be accelerated by the current political scenario in America where the heat waves are burning the social cohesion.

America has built a strong and prosperous country with a good infrastructure and know-how on how to use money well. But can they still use everything they have built rationally? I am not quite sure, I am very worried about their future. They need to do more to abstain from political divisions and to think about how to build a stable society otherwise they will not be able to successfully face the threats from natural phenomena and internal explosions from various factions within their society. There are many countries in the world waiting for America to reach an internal boiling point and explodes. This sounds like bad news, but it is actually good news because America now has an opportunity to revive with a new awakening, and real chance to reach a true Independence! I wish you success!

The Coronavirus Is Coming Back

961.2The coronavirus will inevitably return. We did not draw the correct conclusions from the first wave of the pandemic, and the second wave will come. All that we understood from the first wave is that we should stay at home, and if we go out, we should wear a mask and keep distance between us. And of course, this is not enough to correct our state.

Therefore, I initially did not expect the coronavirus to disappear quickly. This was only the first wave and a second would come after it, and it is already happening. Not just a repetition of the wave, but new mutations of the virus from a new source. And closer to winter, I think there will be a third wave.

It is very possible that these waves will come with great frequency, time after time, to teach us that we need to finally do something with ourselves. Otherwise, the virus will disconnect us from the normal life we had before. We will have to change the whole routine of life, the economy, industry, forms of work, child care, and forms of communication and interaction.

The virus affects everything because our whole world is built on the connection between people. The pandemic is striking precisely this connection between us. We will now begin to feel more and more how much of a qualitative disturbance this blockage of connection is. The pandemic does not allow us to communicate even with masks on.

The virus will mutate to such an extent that vaccinations will stop working so that we will start thinking about what should the nature of the vaccination be, what it should do, and how we should prepare ourselves so as to not undergo heavy blows. We need to start getting smarter!

The waves of the pandemic are like the Egyptian plagues that push us to rise above our egoism, to get out from the power of the Pharaoh. Is this the direction of our actions, thoughts, and conversations? Do we realize that the coronavirus is the same plague that the people of Israel experienced in Egypt: blood, frogs, lice, and everything else? We have to go through all this, but in a different form.

You can try to close borders so the virus does not penetrate from the outside, but this will not help because the Creator still implements His upper program. The virus will not disappear and will not leave us, because it has not caused any changes within us so far. And so it will have to beat the people of Israel and the whole world again and again.

Israel can by its internal correction cure itself and the whole world of the pandemic by serving as the medicine for the entire human society. If the Jews start treating each other correctly, the pandemic will disappear all over the world, and all of humanity will be cured.
From KabTV’s “A Conversation with Journalists” 6/24/21

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Masks Are Back

592.02Look what is happening: the Creator is allowing us to almost eliminate the pandemic, but as soon as we breathe a sigh of relief and take off our masks, it suddenly returns with a new force. This is to show us that nothing has gone away, and we have learned nothing from the last wave. Therefore, after a temporary abatement, it returns again.

We needed this respite to distinguish the second blow from the first one and understand that we did nothing. If the pandemic just continued, it would be one blow from which we would learn nothing.

Why were there ten plagues in Egypt? Was one not enough? The Passover Haggadah says that the people of Israel received four hundred blows, one hundred, two hundred, three hundred.

We are at the stage of the final correction when all evil must be revealed. However, in what form it will be revealed depends on us, on our desire to receive the force of correction.

The shortest, ideal way is to turn to the Creator and ask him for the force of connection. We must be connected together as in the corrected system of Adam HaRishon. However, there is no way we can reach such a connection except with the help of the upper force that would influence us and make it possible to connect with each other and all of us together with the Creator.

We have no other choice. Otherwise, we will receive blow after blow. The people of Israel are able to hear this because they have a point in the heart and the heart is the place where this information is received.

The coronavirus binds us. It is like a symbol of our egoistic connection. Therefore, it passes from person to person and manifests itself egoistically in order to eventually teach us how to change the relationships between us.
From KabTV’s “Conversation with the Writers” 6/24/21

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Through The Borderline States Of Our World

226Question: The science of management is largely based on the principles of determinism developed by Newton. And what was discovered in the 20th century: quantum physics, the Heisenberg principle, and other discoveries, are followed with great difficulty, or to put it simply, are not followed at all. Do you think this is possible to overcome?

Answer: Only by re-educating a person. There is no other way!

After Newton, all the discoveries of Heisenberg, Hugh Everett, Einstein, etc., these are all borderline states of our world—still egoistic thinking. But scientists are already trying to break into another area where forces, space, time, and energy are combined into one single whole, and the division into separate parameters disappears.

This cannot be learned and mastered by people until they undergo personal transformation and start to perceive themselves, space, society, humanity, and the entire cosmos as one single whole. But all this can be done only if people in a small team decide to cancel themselves in relation to the team. This is the essence of the Kabbalistic practice.

If they try to do this, and we know that it does work, then they have a completely different perception of space, time, and events. They go beyond the egoistic, deterministic framework to the level of integrality, globalism, interconnectedness, one single nature. All the principles operate there, of course, in a different way.

So, the transition from Newton to not even a modern but the correct unified field and space theory is possible only if we recreate a person. After all, a person feels everything through himself.

We do not see what is actually happening around us, we depict this world inside us. It is felt inside of us. And what the world represents outside of us, we cannot say because we are able to explore it only from within.

In our International Kabbalah Academy, many people are trying to enter the system of self-transformation: from “I” to “we,” in order to feel the world. Not to express it mathematically, as Einstein tried to do, but to feel it in a form independent of man.

Rising above our egoistic nature, we feel the space that is not disturbed by us, we see a different system and different calculations. And here begins a completely different physics and connection with all of nature.
From KabTV’s “The Science of Management” 6/23/21

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“We Need To Educate The Education System” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “We Need to Educate the Education System

It’s been a year and a half into the age of Corona, and schooling has been restricted, limited, and changed in many ways since the pre-Covid age. From the perspective of the education system, Covid-19 has done more harm than good: Children are more prone to depression, social isolation, regression in academic achievements, as well as increased chances of dropping out from school. Yet, in my view, the problem is not with Covid, but with the educators who didn’t seize the moment to reform the obsolete schooling system. They tried to “copy-paste” a failing physical platform into a virtual platform instead of capitalizing on the benefits of the online arena.

Children and young adults are much more adept when it comes to utilizing online tools such as search engines and online encyclopedias or other sites that provide accessible and free information. Schooling, therefore, must be adapted to the new reality, and should take up much less of the time than was required during the pre-Covid era. Instead of forcing the old teaching methods on the new reality, educators should dedicate the abundant time that has been freed thanks to the availability of information to the one thing that people really need to learn today: how to conduct positive relationships.

Depression rates and aggression are skyrocketing not because people don’t know enough about American history or because of their math skills. They’re depressed because they cannot communicate with people in meaningful and positive ways. When they can’t find trustworthy people, they feel alone and hopeless. Since the problem is national, it should be treated through the education system, and authorities must appoint special educators to teach people how to interact, how to develop care for one another.

In the global era, we are all connected. When we behave to the contrary, as we do today, we harm ourselves and others. To address the problem, educators should work on both the informative level and the emotional level. People should learn about the interconnected nature of today’s reality, how the acts of one person impact the lives of everyone else, even when we don’t immediately sense it. At the same time, educators should cultivate attitudes of mutual responsibility among children and youth, as well as among grownups.

The two levels, informative and emotional, will complement each other and create a new bedrock on which to build a society of happy people, who feel connected, appreciated, and confident in their environment.

The post Covid world will not revert back to the competitive and callous mentality that characterized the world before the outbreak. To reap the maximum benefits from the transformation that human society is going through, we must educate ourselves about it and practice living by its new social codes of mutual responsibility and concern for everyone. The sooner we start, the better.

“Why Is There So Much Drug Abuse?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Why is there so much drug abuse?

The human ego, which has been growing for almost 6,000 years, constantly urges us to aim at bigger and bigger fulfillment. The more we develop, the more we want, and this desire urges us to develop human society, bringing about what we consider as progress in all fields of human activity.

However, as an outcome of such development, we become desperate in the hope of ever truly becoming satisfied. Even many youth growing up in today’s world look around and, in contrast to us, no longer feel the desire to live in this world. Despair, drug abuse, depression and suicide become more characteristic of today’s youth than those in any other era, because due to their past incarnations, i.e. our past life, they feel that this world will fail to supply them with any meaningful fulfillment. This is why they turn to drugs—simply in order to forget about life, to detach from this miserable life and leave behind the empty and even helpless feelings that they have.

This is the reason for so much drug abuse, as well as several other problems like depression, loneliness, anxiety and suicide, specifically in our era. The human ego is reaching the end of its development, to a point where we will have to pass over into a new altruistic world, where we exist in a harmonious and positive connection with each other, and where we will no longer try to fulfill ourselves with constant attempts to absorb egoistically into ourselves from our surroundings. On the contrary, our future fulfillment will come from contributing. There is no limit to giving, and through building a new paradigm that values people’s contribution to society over their individualistic-materialistic achievements, we will pave the beginnings of a new positive direction for the world.

I hope that this will actualize in practice. If it does, then we will see a dramatic reversal in the amounts of drug abuse and other problems on personal, social, economic and even ecological scales.

Based on a Q&A with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on September 9, 2006. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

“When Is It Okay To Break The Law?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: When is it okay to break the law?

There is nothing more important than a person’s life.

Through the life we are given, nature gives us an opportunity to be an active and beneficial part of society, to achieve self-correction and self-realization. This is why we can break the law only on condition that the law obliges us to kill other people. It is a foundation upon which we can openly and immediately break the law.

On the other hand, in all other cases, if we see a need to fight against the law, then we can do so by lawful means. In other words, we need to abide by the law while simultaneously fighting to change it. But we can break on the law on only one condition: if by observing the law, we bring about death to another person. The reason for this is because there is no higher value in nature than human life.

If we will break the law under any other circumstance, then anarchy will ensue in the world. This is why we need to reach a state where we will observe laws except for the irreversible case that involves killing another person.

Based on a Q&A with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on September 9, 2006. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

Solution To An Unsolvable Conflict

293Operation “Guardian of the Walls” has ended, which has become another round in the fight against the constant military threat that does not leave Israel for a single day. The operation has helped reduce the threat to some extent, but it cannot eliminate the confrontation from the opposite side, which inevitably escalates again and again and leads to a military confrontation. War has become so familiar that people are bitterly aware that their children will live on this land in incessant wars.

How to get out of this vicious circle? Apparently, this is not possible either at the expense of a military operation, through a state agreement, or by dividing this land: this is for you and this is for us, each nation on a piece of land. There is no solution visible here. And so the conflict feels like a tangle of contradictions that cannot be unraveled.

Finally, we came to this realization and realized that there is no solution. This is not a state conflict or a religious one, but in the essence.

Therefore, it can be solved only at a new stage of understanding of the purpose of creation, the purpose of human existence on earth, different peoples and states, and religions.

This conflict is at the central point of all reality, of all the world, of all humanity. And it is intended to lead us to the question: How to reach the point of balance for everyone, for the entire universe?

It is possible to achieve such balance, but this decision is not in the hands of a person. For this, the participation of two conflicting parties is not enough, a third force is needed, the upper force of nature. If we find out what nature wants from us, we will know how to solve this problem.

The balance is based on the right, good connection between all parts of creation, even the most opposite, and not only between the Jews and Arabs, but as it is said in the prophets that “the wolf will live peacefully next to the lamb.”

And first of all, it is necessary to explain to everyone, both Arabs and Jews, that peace in the world depends on how much people are willing to sacrifice themselves, unite and relate themselves to one upper force. I don’t think it will be difficult to convey this to the Arabs because in essence their upper force and our upper force is the same force.

A person should know only one thing: If we advance, we must reveal the upper force of nature and unite everything around it. Let it be called differently in each nation, but it is always the upper force of nature, just each nation represents it according to its perception. However, we must realize that we are at the mercy of one force, and we must achieve balance, connection, and attain it.

The Creator wants to see everyone on this earth, if they live in such a way that there is no difference between nations, but a good mutual connection between all. The ruler in such a country will be peace, tranquility, and unity, and people will be in power who believe that peace, tranquility, and unity should rule.

The only way out of this conflict is for everyone to understand that no one has any egoistic right to own any part of the globe. The whole human race is on equal terms under the rule of one supreme force whose nature is connection and love, and this is the only God we need to worship.

We can accept it, even though it’s against our nature. Today, a Palestinian child is taught to kill Jews, not to unite with them. How can you come from such radicalism to a place of concessions, connection, and love when they seem far from one another as heaven and earth?

And it is written about this: “Love will cover all crimes.” Where there are the greatest crimes there is a chance to reveal the unity and love if the relation of the person is corrected. Instead of hatred, it is possible to come to love. Love is revealed precisely from hatred, from the polar state.

We will see that it is impossible to continue to exist like this. We find ourselves opposed to the upper force and to the whole of nature in general. The forces of nature require us to replenish and unite between all the opposing forces.

This conflict is at the center of the entire universe, and if we can resolve it here and achieve mutual fulfillment, then peace and tranquility, unity, love, and full abundance will reign throughout the world. We must come to the realization that it is impossible to achieve peace by conventional methods.

The good future of the world depends on everyone understanding what form of connection there should be in the world, and that the mission of the people of Israel is to bring the world to connection. And the role of the world is to put pressure on the people of Israel to push them to unite and pull all the nations of the world with them.

This is a mutual work in which the nations of the world and the people of Israel must help each other. The nations of the world are pushing Israel forward, and Israel continues and opens the way for all nations to rush after them. As it is written in the prophets that the people of Israel should strive for the Creator, and then the nations of the world will carry them on their shoulders so all will ascend to the mountain of the Creator and achieve connection with the upper force.
From “KabTV’s “Look from the Inside” 5/24/21

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A Well Is A Source Of Wisdom

741.02Question: It is written in the Torah that Abraham was constantly walking in the desert. What is the desert inside a person?

Answer: The feeling that there is nothing to eat, there is no way to fulfill your quality of bestowal, love, connection with others, and you cannot realize yourself in any way, this is the quality of the desert.

This is about an internal emptiness. It does not matter whether it arises from the fact that I cannot fulfill myself egoistically or that I cannot fulfill the Creator.

Question: Wandering through the desert, Abraham was always looking for wells. Why was this so important?

Answer: Wells are sources of water. Water symbolizes the light of Hassadim, that is, the quality of bestowal and love, without which flowering and harvest are impossible. Therefore, everything comes down to wells, to water, to the quality of bestowal.

In Kabbalah, wells in the desert are called the source of wisdom because the desert indicates how much a person yearns to find this source of life. When he finds it, then there is a surge of wisdom, a surge of good intentions.

Question: What wisdom are we talking about?

Answer: About the way to become similar to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/11/21

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