Feel The Hidden Part Of Nature

514.04Question: Do you think that Kabbalah is better accepted when introducing some disciplines or just as an independent discipline?

Answer: Since a person in our world is an absolutely egoistic being, everything that he creates at any level—social, political, economic, etc., he studies only as an application of his egoistic self on the entire surrounding world, on all systems. Only in this way does he understand everything that is happening around him and within himself.

Initially, when we gather in a group, we try to create a new force in it, not egoistic but altruistic, positive, when the group becomes one common whole. Then we feel like one single whole, one common organism, and we feel nature in a completely different form.

In other words, we begin to feel the second part of nature that is hidden from us. It exists, but an ordinary person absolutely cannot feel it because everything that we feel, we perceive according to the law of equivalence of forms.
From KabTV’s”Science of management.”

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