What Is The Difference Between Kabbalah And Corporeal Sciences?

3Question: What is the difference between Kabbalah and corporeal sciences?

Answer: Corporeal sciences reveal the interaction between different parts of nature at the lowest, material level.

Kabbalah, however, let us use the force from the next, spiritual degree so that we could rise to it and free ourselves from all connections with the corporeal forces, stop obeying them, and enter the attainment of the universe’s next level.

Question: On one hand, Kabbalah is a science, but on the other hand, it is constantly concealed?

Answer: It is not concealed! It simply slips through our fingers because we do not have spiritual sensations. When you reach those sensations, which Kabbalah uses, it will be in your hands.

Question: Will it ever receive the status of science?

Answer: No. Only among Kabbalists! Kabbalah is called a hidden wisdom because others do not have this tool.

For example, everyone can study and use physics without changing one’s nature. The Kabbalistic method, however, submits to those who agree to change themselves to its level.

Question: The uniqueness of Kabbalah that people have a special attitude toward it, there are a lot of opponents, so is it necessary that we constantly prove something?

Answer: Nothing can be done here because people do not understand what it is about. It will continue this way until most of the people will manage to master Kabbalah and declare that they are in the attainment and realization of it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/18/18

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