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Loneliness Epidemic

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 8/6/18

Modern Life is a Life of Loneliness

The new epidemic in the modern world is loneliness.
What is happening to our world? Read more >>>>

My Thoughts On Twitter 8/6/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

“Righteous in the city” is justifying one’s condition, above calculations; giving contentment to the Creator through the group; accepting it all as coming from Him. “Righteous gone from the city” is inability to justify one’s state, falling in calculations—Malchut instead of Binah

One of Trump’s victories is distancing Europe from #Russia, under his call for unity in NATO’s ranks. Strange as it may seem, Russia, with its returning to the empire, is playing up to it. But in fact, there could be a rapprochement between Europe and Russia against the US instead.

Faith above reason is: while feeling (within reason) dark and evil, to stay above it (in faith) in bestowal and love, for everything came from the Creator. So accepting it (having received a correction) that our ego-desires won’t be filled, above them we’ll be in faith, the Creator.

The screen is when I don’t care what form I’m in. It’s essential for me to bestow. My level’s measured by the depth of darkness in me, from which I’m able to think not of myself but of the group and inside of it of the Creator—to bestow from the darkness, Malchut, with the screen.

Try to see the world through the Creator’s eyes and not thru our corrupted sight. Otherwise, you berate the Creator, hardening your heart with selfishness. First accept that the Creator does good, the world is perfect, and that we condemn Him only to the extent of our depravity.

The proof of your spirituality is in the joy you feel from the sense of perfection in all circumstances. Such a condition is called the day of the Creator. Any person can imagine this state and strive for it. And if he cannot, it means that egoism rules over him.

In fact, we are in a perfect state in the world of Infinity, and all changes occur only within a person. Therefore, if he considers his state to be perfect, whatever he feels!—it means that he is already in it.

Beginners’ mistake: beg for knowledge, sensations, satisfaction; for they think this is how the spiritual world works. They expect the light to come and satisfy their ego-desires. But one should rather ask for correction and take any condition as coming from the Creator, i.e., perfect

The screen is when I do not care about the form I am in. It is essential for me to bestow. My level is determined by the depth of the desire I am able to immerse myself in the dark (da’at), so that I can bestow from it as well (lemala mi adaat).

As soon as a person feels that the Creator is not kind to the creatures, he argues with Him, accuses and hates Him. Therefore, strive to see the Creator bestowing all the good to everyone, justify Him in situations incompatible with His good governance. This is our blindness!

All attainments (forms) are in black letters. White color just draws them. So, we are closer to the light by guaranteeing and keeping the spirit in the group. It is precisely in the dark where the mutual bestowal between the Creator and us is verified, when we take darkness as light.

Without darkness, we’d have no way to attain the Creator. We must value darkness—not run away from it, but turn it to light; from forms of darkness, see how to cling to the Creator. We mustn’t underrate darkness since it is all creation, and in it we attain light, the Creator.

We need to turn the Creator’s reverse side into the front side, and thus attain adhesion. The upper one always shows us his reverse side. If we are ready to accept this, we raise the reverse side (-) to the height of the front side (+) and cling to the Creator.

If the Creator distances Himself, allowing you to grow, you cease yearning for Him. This is the Creator’s back, since His “face” is the sensation of His kindness. The Creator shows His “back” so man will aspire to Him.
Thus, the Creator’s face is concealed inside the opposite side.

Don’t wait for changes from above!
The only thing we can ask for is our correction.
In every state one must establish that you don’t want anything for yourself, but only to care for the Creator, in every way and ask for this.
That’s how we enter the state of bestowal -faith above reason.

The spiritual state is measured relative to a person. One’s state is whatever he evaluates it to be. Wishing for more than what you have is already excessive. It means you are unhappy with what you have received from the Creator.
This is a hurdle on every person’s path to perfection

The “Day of the Creator” is a state where all you want is to bestow to the Creator. With no response from Him, you only want to care for and do good to Him—even if no one ever finds out, including the Creator Himself, that all my efforts were for Him, and the result is concealed.
From Twitter, 8/6/18

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New Life 1023 – Integrating In Society. Part 2

New Life 1023 – Integrating In Society. Part 2
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

In order to integrate into society properly we need to live according to the principle, “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18). In order to develop the kind of society in which everyone treats others with the same care as a mother would, we need to get to know each other so we will understand how to approach each unique person. This is how we help each other with what each one needs and desires and find favor in each other’s eyes. It requires a very special approach in which each one nullifies their own egoistic nature and views others as though they were already in a perfected state. Children can easily be taught to relate in this way through games. With this approach, we will create a society based on mutual acceptance and the covering of all rejection with love.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1023 – Integrating In Society,” Part 2, 6/12/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 8/6/18

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “From Helplessness to Crying Out to the Creator”

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Talmud Eser Sefirot,  Vol. 2, Part 6, “Histaklut Pnimit,” “Seder Siba ve Mesubav,” Item 31

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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