My Thoughts On Twitter 8/5/18

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Our entire mission in spiritual development is to follow the Creator’s work, agreeing with it as much as we can, with the group’s help. The Creator awakens darkness against the light—He distances Himself, turning back, like a deer running away-thereby calling us to follow him.

#Israel as a Jewish nation-state is a state that exists by Jewish law, stated in the Bible as, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” This is the code of the nation and the world, the code of mankind’s global, integral development. If we implement it, we will have eternity.

When turning to the Creator for help, remember that He’s the one that gave you the feeling of helplessness. I agree with Him and thank Him for it.
Because even though I feel bad, He is with me now—now my prayer will be mature and wholesome, and I’ll be the Creator’s partner.

We must clearly delineate corporeality and spirituality, outside and inside of us. There’s the “donkey” – my nature, and Me – the human seated atop the donkey, wishing to delight the Creator. Two degrees/worlds, both necessary.
But the Creator will save the human and the beast!

I feel the friend if I invest myself into acquiring qualities similar to his. I then discover that he is perfect because I have partially become perfect. But I feel egoistic. My good deeds are reflected in the fiends, while my flaws are reflected in me.

On the spiritual path, we shouldn’t fear or avoid darkness of desires.
We must deal with the emptiness, the “vessel”—scrutinize it in the upper light, and come out to the Creator, who created emptiness in me to push me forward. When I understand this, I turn to Him the right way.
From Twitter, 8/5/18

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