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My Thoughts On Twitter 8/19/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Working #Faithabovereason, I must know that I feel the Creator. He fills my sensations. All my states, actions and thoughts are from Him. He always leads me to Him by the best path. I must see all that happens, in me and outside me, as the best setting for me to react correctly.

Waking up, I instantly evoke my connection with the Creator and lock us together. Then I proceed as if on an autopilot: all is from Him; I guard our connection despite the obstacles. The Creator uses them to teach me to keep in contact with Him—until I arrive at the full adhesion.

We all live inside a game.
Kabbalah talks only about this: how we should achieve the real, true, correct future!
We have to create our future, put it together out of blocks, discerning that what matters most are the relationships between us, in a world that we can make wonderful.

A person is a small world.
He is made up of all the qualities in the world.
If he wants to see the #world a certain way—
He should organize himself inside himself that way!
From Twitter, 8/19/18

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Despair Leading To The Creator

232.1Baal HaTurim explained that a person wandering in the field refers to one who strays from the path of reason, who does not know the real way, which leads to the place he should reach, as in “an ass wandering in the field.” And he comes to a state where he thinks that he will never achieve the goal he should achieve. (Rabash, “Love of Friends”)

One can move from one spiritual state to another only as a result of total despair, but only if it is conscious and you connect it with the Creator who organizes all this for you.

A person is in despair; he feels that his brothers betrayed him. This is what encourages him to spiritual work, to rise and realize that it is not about the brothers, it is about him.

Question: Why is it said that Joseph lost his way if he is still looking for brothers?

Answer: He has lost his past egoistic path and now he has reached a critical crossroad—he is taking a new path.

Having connected with Pharaoh, he realizes that he needs to work for egoism, and this is why he connects with the brothers. This attitude to the properties of bestowal, love, and connection is completely different from what he had before. He used to think that this is good in and of itself, but now he understands why and for what. Through Pharaoh, he begins to reveal the meaning, the Creator, because Pharaoh is the reverse side of the Creator.

Question: Where does a person in despair get the strength to progress? From his brothers?

Answer: No. We have only one source of power—the Creator himself.

Question: So, if I feel that I cannot come into contact with the friends, I have to ask the Creator to help me?

Answer: You have no one else to turn to.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 2/1/18

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From The Bottom Of The Ladder To Permanent Dvekut

laitman_260.02The world does not have a form of its own. What we see in front of us is not what is actually there but a kind of an imagined reality the Creator wants to show us so that we can work within it to turn it into a spiritual world, the world of infinity.

Opening our eyes and seeing the world before us, we need to understand that this is a movie being projected to us from above so that through it, we come to the perfect picture. Each time, each day, we must arrive at this perfect form.

The conditions for the perfect form:

  • I am aware that I see that what the Creator wants to show me. In reality, the world does not have any form.
  • I must accept this world, which the Creator is showing me as a place for work, and I must bring this picture to perfection.

Through our individual work and our work in the group, we must change reality.1

In any situation we must strive to preserve constant adhesion to the Creator and not wait for things to get better. No matter what states a person goes through, he must exist in adhesion with the upper one.2

There is me and the Creator, and a world between us like the filling of a sandwich. This world represents my entire desire to receive, all my egoistic qualities, to me. If I neutralize them or even turn them into bestowal, strengthening my connection with the Creator as a result of them, then in this way I correct myself. I have nothing to change other than my attitude to the world.

From the entire world, the entire reality, I have ten friends with whom I can work together as if we are one person. The more good I do them and the more effort I put into them, the more strength I receive from them for my progress. With the group I learn how to be in similarity of form, in adhesion, in mutual action, as if with the Creator. But with the rest of the world, my work is only in one direction: to try to relate to it positively and nothing more.3

The center of the group is the point of unity of ten individuals where they annul themselves and disappear. They work with respect to this point; they lower themselves, and they help each other. The central point of the ten, the point of unity, is the goal where each one loses the sense of himself as if he does not exist relative to the nine friends. By realizing all the conditions of the work in a group, the individual reveals his own likeness to the Creator in this point.

To pray to the center of the ten means to aspire to such a state and request help for its attainment. I build this point in my corrected qualities, in my relationship toward myself and others, toward the ten, toward the Creator. That is how I realize this point of the center of the ten. This point is called the “pillar of prayer” from which we derive our connection to the Creator.4

If we could only see the world in its true form as it is created by the Creator, then we would see a picture in the positive, all in the black. But now, we see the same picture but in the negative, everything is in the red. We project our egoistic attitude onto the world and therefore we see everything in a corrupt way. If we neutralize our egoistic approach, then we will see everything corrected.

Instead of seeing how one devours the other, we will see that the wolf lives in peace with the lamb and everything exists in mutual bestowal and bestowal to the Creator. After all, no one lacks anything, each one is passing the upper Light to the other, including the wolf and the lamb.

We exist in a system where everything is filled with the upper Light and no one has any desire to exploit the other, but on the contrary, to pass to them everything they need until equilibrium reigns in all parts of the system. When each one balances everyone else, the upper Light fills them all according to each one’s maximum capacity.

Only our egoism spoils this entire ideal picture for us. We must correct our egoism and then we will see the true world. Negative will gradually turn into positive: in the negative, everyone devours one another, but suddenly everything starts to be corrected, corrected and turned into paradise.5
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/10/18, Lesson on the Topic: “From the Bottom of the Ladder to the Permanent Dvekut
1 Minute 6:20
2 Minute 12:28
3 Minute 21:20
4 Minute 24:55
5 Minute 1:44:00

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How To Build The Right Intention

laitman_547.04Question: How should one interact with people who do not comprehend the spiritual? How can one build the right intention?

Answer: One gradually builds it with the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah. Drawing the upper Light affects us. We don’t feel it, but we feel how we gradually change. These successive changes create what is called the right intention.

Question: Is manifests in relation to people who are not engaged in Kabbalah?

Answer: It manifests in relation to everyone because everything except you is actually the Creator!

Question: Then why does such a reality exist: our world, where I am, my mind, and my egoistic intention?

Answer: This is an illusion that is so tiny that you simply cannot imagine how small it is. It exists so that we have something to rise from that is independent of the upper world.

Question: How do we rise from this intention?

Answer: Study, work in a group, pray for the friends, and ask for their spiritual ascent.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/25/18

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Illusion, Which Has To Become A Reality

Laitman_032.01Question: Is the upper world an illusion that has to become a reality for us?

Answer: Yes, all together we have to reveal the upper world and exist in it while we still live in the material world. This is absolutely doable. It is not even an illusion because illusion is what one imagines and we cannot even imagine what it is.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/18/18

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New Life 1036 – Social Cohesion In Israel

New Life 1036 – Social Cohesion In Israel
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The level of social cohesion in Israel is very low due to the problem of rejection and distance between people. Israelis are the essence of all people and have absorbed the evil inclination from everyone. We desire to harm each other and cannot seem to live without hatred. Mutual hatred destroyed us during the time of the Temple period and most recently in the Lithuanian conflict in Eastern Europe. Until we correct ourselves, the whole world will suffer and hate us. We must connect the concept of “Israel” to the sense of connection between the Jews in order to achieve the upper force. If Israelis connect, our way will flow into the world and everyone will love us.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1036 – Social Cohesion In Israel,” 7/17/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 8/19/18

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Lesson on the Topic “The Work Within Reason And The Work Above Reason”

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