This Imaginary World

laitman_433_02Question: Recently I hear you talking about an imaginary reality we exist in. But I hear you; you are talking to me. And I am trying to understand, what is imaginary here? If this is imaginary, then what really exists?

Answer: That’s right. What appears to us as reality that we perceive now is called an imaginary reality because it exists only in our imagination.

It seems to us that we are within a reality, while in fact that reality is within us. Everything is the other way around! This is revealed to Kabbalists the moment they begin to enter the perception of the spiritual world. Right now we have a hard time agreeing with this. But this is what Kabbalists tell us.

One who begins to feel the upper world understands that the reality we perceive now is imaginary. It exists in our five senses that depict an imaginary picture to us where we are in a huge world and everything surrounds us. In essence, everything is inside of us.

Modern physicists in their latest discoveries say that we are in a made-up reality, in some computer program, and we cannot say that the world we feel exists objectively. It exists in our perception, our senses.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 6/21/15

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