What Do We Live For?

laitman_202_0Question: You explain that the wisdom of Kabbalah gives the answer to the question: “What does a person live for?” I still don’t understand what the answer to this question is. What do we live for?

Answer: We live so we can answer the question, “What do we live for?” After all, when we answer this question we attain the purpose of life, its meaning.

Question: What is the purpose of life?

Answer: The purpose of life is to attain the root, the upper force. As soon as you attain it you reveal the new path of development. You start becoming similar in a greater way to this upper force. Then you attain yourself and the surrounding reality in a completely different way. You attain it in the new senses. You reveal a higher world.

Then our corporeal world becomes only a means for you. But the most important thing for you is to attain the upper force in its entire fullness, to become similar to it in order to be the same as this force. This is the purpose of life.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 6.21.15

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