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Inside Out

laitman_934Question: What is the spiritual meaning of “my land”?
“My land” is a desire I have to correct. One I can not do alone, but only in unity with others.

Answer: Others are parts of my soul who seem to me like strangers and who are apparently found outside of me. So I can relate to them as if they don’t exist or are seemingly far from me.

And I can also relate differently by understanding that they are within me; these are my personal characteristics that are projected outside of me by my mind to make it possible for me to work mutually with them more freely and expansively, and I can see all of my characteristics and theirs as opposites.

If I understand that they are my characteristics, I can accept them. But if it seems to me that they are found in someone else, then I am not ready to accept or get closer to this person. So a vision like this of my inner characteristics in the form of billions of people around me helps me to amplify all of my inner inaccuracies, contradictions, and errors like a magnifying glass.

In this way, I can correct myself to scratch because if the person is found outside of me, I feel the smallest discrepancies between us and I don’t deceive myself! But if he is within me, then I am ready to agree with everything that there is and never correct myself. So I see myself inside out in the form of all the people around me.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/13/14

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Promotion Of Isis On The Internet

laitman_206Opinion (E Novitski): “The terrorist group ‘the Islamic State (ISIS)’ in the past 10 months has surpassed all of its ‘colleagues’ in popularity including the infamous ‘Al-Qaeda.’

“The subject ‘ISIS’ on the Internet is the most discussed in American media environment, and the number of mentions of terrorists has exceeded 250 million. Articles with links of ‘Al- Qaeda did not exceed 45 million. This group became the most famous in the history of international terrorist organizations.

“Against this background, the FBI is concerned about the propaganda of radical Islamic in the social networks Facebook and Twitter. The fanatics are gaining the trust of minors and recruit them to their religious movement.

“Young men follow the idea to take up a noble engagement—to protect the weak with weapons in their hands. Young women are invited to become the wives of these soldiers and gain the comfort of family.

“In one social network Twitter, terrorists are using more than 90,000 accounts, and through the video services of YouTube and Google, the Internet has available records of executions and tortures. In the popular networking site Facebook, there are many groups that in one way or another support the ideas and actions of ISIS.

“Most young people do not watch TV and do not analyze the news, which condemns the actions of ISIS, and calls the organization the cruelest organization. Adolescents receive information directly from the militants and feel there is nothing suspect about executions, torture, and massacres based on Sharia law.

“The appearance and promotion of the brand ISIS comes from none other than the absurd freedom of speech. Special security services automatically block any neo-Nazi content, but do not respond to the harsh propaganda of ISIS.

“Although the material published by terrorists is disgusting, feelings gradually become dulled as the users of the network daily receive new portions of content and calls for Jihad.

“Technically limiting network activity is easy. An example is the mass removal of material containing children pornography from the Internet in recent years. But the fighters of the Islamic state are taking advantage of the freedom that the Internet gives them steadily gains popularity.

“In less than a year of vigorous activity, they were able ‘to become famous’ in the whole world. Moreover, by means of the media, they have attracted to their ranks more than 20,000 foreigners, including minors.

“The budget of the organization, according to independent estimates, is up to several hundred million dollars, and was created thanks to massive donations for their benefit. The terrorists put their strategic plans on the Internet without fear and willfully declare their desire to conquer the Middle East, North Africa, and part of Asia.”

My Comment: In our world, the evil has an advantage over the good in all levels, even if it is harmful and deadly! We must act, and on the level of the DHS and FBI through banning the propaganda. But in general, to carry out actions of correction is against the nature of our world, and only the Upper Light (Ohr Makif) is able to correct our nature partially or fully.

Our attempts to correct ourselves and society worked until our time, but when we became integral (from the year 1995), then only the Upper Light can change us. Therefore, the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed, and now humanity needs to see that only in its use the correction of the world is concealed.

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People Are Ape-Men

laitman_423_01Opinion ( Prof. S. Savelyev ):  “What belongs to human substance is something that does not carry biological benefit. Money earned, buildings that we construct, propagation, these don’t belong to the human part. We have not succeeded in becoming human.

“We – are mammals that are very aggressive and unreasonable. Prized highly is adaptability, the ability to obtain food… The structure of society reflects the evolution of society, but not the results of the rational development of mankind.

“… The frontal lobes of the brain were formed to share food, with the entire environment. Rigid natural selection shaped us as social creatures with huge frontal lobes. This gave us the possibility to co-exist together without annihilating each other when hunger pangs appeared. But this selective process needs to continue for another 200 thousand years, so that this behavior will become a norm.

“At present, we are social animals that understand that theft is not good, but at the same time, it is necessary to steal! The frontal lobes only help us to try to exercise social behavior, but in the meantime we are half animal, requiring hierarchical management. We are going to dominate and force our way with money. Man, like beasts, demands totalitarianism.

“In the public eye, every one of us is a democrat and a humanist, but in secret we are reminiscent of a troop of baboons. The behavior of a group of young people, who rob occasional passersby, is identical to a group of nations that perform acts of conquest and dominance.

“The natural state of a monkey is laziness, deceit, adultery with the wife of a neighbor, theft, and inconsiderate activities. For people this is forbidden and they are compelled to balance between the characteristics of the beast and the human in them.

“All self-organization is of biological design. An example of this could be the Mafia or organizations established among prisoners in prisons. The creation of a hierarchy is a sign of the behavior of primates. Specifically due to biological characteristics, it is easier to build a totalitarian nation than a democratic one.

“A democratic regime requires people who think identically and know how to be honest. Without scientific cerebral sorting it is impossible to choose people like these, for even among ‘real’ democrats there are thieves who steal. Perhaps society should stop hiding the mutual attitudes and goals of baboons?”

My Comment: The whole purpose of the wisdom of Kabbalah is to make us apes into humans! It brings us to unity instead of confrontation, a circle instead of hierarchy, love of others instead of hatred, equal distribution instead of theft, giving instead of conquest, and in general behaving according to the law of a unified society. Otherwise, we remain baboons, and our lag in development will turn against us, and the power of suffering will force us to become human.

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A Game That Becomes Our Life

laitman_527Question: Why does a child play so naturally and truthfully while for a grownup a game is a lie?

Answer: It is because we adults have gotten used to living in a lie: our life is a lie and the game is a lie. It isn’t a crime but simply our nature. A game is always a lie and never the truth because after all, I don’t play myself but someone I would like to be.

We wouldn’t be able to advance without games. Children perceive a game as the absolute truth and therefore develop and grow. If we wholeheartedly joined in a game, like kids, we wouldn’t be able to leave it and would stay in it.

This is actually the tool that the wisdom of Kabbalah uses. I am told: “You need to love others, and in this love you will begin to feel the Creator! Here, you have a group that is made of ten people; start establishing such relations between you by pretending that each one loves the others. You have to create such an atmosphere between you so that each one will disappear in it and will melt in his love for others.”

I act out this love over and over again by returning to it a thousand times each day until I am incorporated in it to such an extent that I melt in this love and connection. Then I can attain the revelation of the Creator.

By being incorporated in love, I am incorporated in the Creator. This ceases to be a game and becomes the game of my life. But first I play it artificially: I pretend that I love the friends and annul myself before them without any desire to do so. I force myself and convince myself that I have to act this love, although I don’t feel it at all.

But I suddenly feel a warm feeling. The others influence me by setting an example for me by their alleged loving attitude; I see that they are loyal to this love and I feel ashamed that I cannot return the same love to them. I criticize and reprimand myself over and over again and once more force myself to love the others.

But when I annul myself this way, I suddenly begin to see how all the corporeal objects around me begin to disappear: the table, the chairs, and the walls. They all disappear from my perception and only one thing remains—the love that I feel. I also disappear. I become enslaved to this feeling of love, and there is nothing left but that feeling that is external to me since my “self” disappears.

My “self” is my ego, which disappears, and then I begin to feel how the upper force, the Creator, fills everything. It is because I have annulled myself and now I can feel Him. I have annulled my egoism and have received the attribute of the upper force, the attribute of bestowal, and this is the real game.
From KabTV’s “The Torah Chapters with Shmuel Vilozni” 2/2/15

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Build A “Tent of Revelation” In Yourself

laitman_525Kabbalists talk about the spiritual world with words of this world, which causes us to be very confused. We read in the Torah about building the “Tent of Revelation,” (Tabernacle) and our mind grasps this as a physical activity.

The Kabbalists say that we can ultimately discover spirituality if we read these books by trying with all our might to descend into the depths of the words and clarifying what is truly concealed behind every word.

Question: So Moses is not an old man with white hair, a long beard, and a staff?

Answer: Certainly not! Moses is a characteristic. We are not talking about people or objects, but only about characteristics. Not an evil person but evil, not a stingy person but stinginess. The spiritual world is characteristics in their purest form.

So when reading the weekly portion, I must imagine a spiritual state, the upper world. If it is written that it is necessary to build the “Tent of Revelation,” so I must clarify, what is this spiritual tool in which the Creator is revealed? What characteristics in me must match what must be within it: The “Ark of the Covenant” with the Cherubs, Cohanim (priests), and Levites, with the people of Israel standing around it?

I begin to search for these characteristics only within me; everything happens within a person. The whole world is inside of me, as it is said: “And a person is a small world.” Even this entire world that I now see around me is actually found within me.

We must always try to represent this correctly, and ultimately an inner transformation will occur when I will begin to feel that it is truly found inside of me. Then I will understand how to build the “Tent of the Testimony” and what the work of the Cohanim, the Levites and the people of Israel that are around them are, and how my twelve tribes of Israel move forward in the wilderness.

I must build all the details that are mentioned in the Torah from my characteristics and desires. Before me lies the heap of my desires, and I must take them, sort all the forces and characteristics and clarify how to connect them to build the same form the Torah talks about.
From KabTV’s “The Torah Chapters with Shmuel Vilozni” 12/15/14

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The Intention And Act Of Dissemination Of Kabbalah In The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: Complaints are made that you are opening the wisdom of Kabbalah not only among Jews but also for the whole world; what do you say about that?

Answer: It is written in the Prophets that the nations of the world will carry the Jews on their shoulders to the Temple. Where will they get the knowledge and desire to carry out this work? They must aspire to their redemption and understand that it will come to them only through the people of Israel, and then they will carry us to the Temple. Otherwise we won’t get there—only together.

The nations of the world pressure us and push us forward, for we have no particular strength or desire for this. The intention comes from us, and the force must come from them. For this to happen, it is necessary to engage in dissemination with them.

Question: Does this mean that they must also motivate us through intense pressure, suffering, and wars…?

Answer: Not just through this. They will consciously take us upon their shoulders, bring us to Jerusalem, and together with us they will arrive there themselves. About this it is said by the prophet Isaiah: “And the peoples shall take them and bring them to their place, and the House of Israel shall inherit them on the soil of the Lord…” (Isaiah 14:2)

But is it possible to achieve this without dissemination among the nations of the world? After all, it is necessary that they have the knowledge about what can save them and the whole world.

We need to consciously carry out common work and help each other mutually—we in intention, they in action.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/14/14

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